Most Americans say Snowden should stand trial, not be granted clemency: poll

AP Photo/The Guardian

A new CBS News poll shows that 61 percent of Americans believe admitted NSA leaker Edward Snowden should stand trial in the U.S. while only 23 percent say he should be granted clemency.

The lack of support for clemency as an option is even between Republicans and Democrats, 22 percent in each party favoring that as an option. Twenty-four percent of independents prefer clemency.

Americans are fairly divided on the NSA surveillance program being made public with 40 percent saying it was good for the country and 46 percent saying it was bad. Among Republicans, 38 percent say it was good, 50 percent bad; Democrats, 40 percent good, 47 percent bad; independents, 42 percent good, 44 percent bad.

In November, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said there was “no basis” to grant Snowden clemency. President Obama said in a recently published interview that he had “no yes/no answer” on the matter.