Well, there’s some confusion here, but author Ann Coulter will do something at this year’s annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

A press release went out Monday declaring that Coulter is looking to debate a “serious liberal” at the event. ”The CPAC stage – and Ann Coulter – stands ready for a serious liberal willing to defend the creeping socialism of Obama’s America,” reads the release.

But Coulter reacted to the announcement in a different way. “I want to debate a liberal on TV,” Coulter tweeted after the news broke. “Not in front of a 99 percent conservative crowd.” She followed up in another tweet, “I just want to give a short speech, as I always do.” We’ve requested comment from a CPAC rep and Coulter to clear up this mess.

Update No. 1: Coulter got back to us. She fills TheBlaze Blog in on some of the seemingly contentious details via email:

I was never big on the debate idea, but gallantly agreed — I just said it at least had to be a smart liberal. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow turned them down because of her schedule — as I said she would. (CPAC doesn’t even pay travel). I suggested MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, but they didn’t want him. I asked liberal pundit Mickey Kaus — and he agreed! I’d love that. he’s the smartest liberal out there. I told them Kaus would do it last week, but they didn’t invite him and then finally — less than two weeks before CPAC — they gave me a speak-alone slot, which I’ve done every year for a decade, incidentally — to great acclaim! I don’t think it’s fair to brag about something that isn’t exactly true and isn’t exactly macho (debating a liberal in front of 10,000 conservatives).

Update No. 2: After confirming to TheBlaze Blog that she would indeed be participating in a debate, via an email fairly acidic about CPAC, Coulter wrote the following on Twitter: “Inasmuch as CPAC is unaccountably insisting I debate a liberal, I have agreed to debate the smartest living liberal, Mickey Kaus.”

CPAC takes place Mar. 6-8 in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.

TheBlaze is a participating exhibitor at CPAC.