Veteran newswoman Barbara Walters is set to retire this year and one person not enjoying the view: Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report.

Credit: Twitter @DRUDGE

Credit: Twitter @DRUDGE

“Someone needs to give Barbara Walters the hook, and fast!” he said Friday in a tweet. “Vibrator talk, now asking size of her butt. Not ending pretty. Incredible career..”

Last week was an eventful, if a little risque, time for Walters on ABC’s “The View.”

In one episode, she that she owned a vibrating sex toy she named “selfie.” She said in a subsequent episode that she didn’t actually have one. Then on Friday’s episode, Walters performed several butt-enhancing exercises with the audience and co-hosts changing, “Go, Barbara! Go!”

“Is my butt any bigger?” Walters said on the show.

We’ve requested comment from a rep at “The View.”