Credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz

Credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz

Vice President Joe Biden told Barbara Walters on Tuesday that if she delays her retirement, she’ll get the scoop on whether he decides to run for president or not in 2016.

“I tell you what,” Biden told Walters on “The View” when asked if he has made a decision, “if you stick around, I’ll announce my decision with you.”

Walters, who is set to retire this year, demurred.

Biden went on tout his experience serving President Obama, saying it “uniquely positions” him to continue the agenda both of them tried implementing since moving into the White House.

Biden also said he’s not concerned with the idea of former State Secretary Hillary Clinton running for the same position. “Whether she runs or not does not affect my decision,” Biden said.

The majority of Biden’s time on “The View” was dedicated to his promoting “Obamacare.”