Just days after MSNBC was compelled to issue an apology for Thomas Roberts’ off-color tribute to Cinco de Mayo, the host of “Way Too Early” had an off-color moment Thursday morning involving…“package sizes.”

The moment occurred while Roberts and a guest discussed FedEx’s recent announcement that it will start charging consumers according to the size of the parcel being shipped.

“The key here is it’s not just about how much your package weighs,” Robert’s guest said. “It’s about the size of your package. It’s the size they’ll be measuring.”

“Basically, it’s how big the package is,” he continued. “Just be aware of the size of your package going forward.”

“I feel like you’re trying to entrap me into saying something foolish,” Roberts said.

“No sir!” the guest protested, smiling. “It’s all about the size of package!”

“From your mouth to God’s ear,” Roberts responded.

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