Three weeks ago, the Washington Free Beacon posted a video supercut featuring Al Sharpton’s many struggles with the English language during his live TV show on MSNBC.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

The 1:18 video went viral and was also featured on Conservative media outlets around the country.

David Rutz and his colleagues at the Washington Free Beacon know a good thing when they see it. So, a new supercut of Sharpton facing off against the English language and the teleprompter is here.

In the new compilation, words like conflict, similar and traffic get “Sharptonized.” The MSNBC host has trouble with people’s names too. In less than two minutes, you can witness Sharpton stumble with some very familiar names like Daniel Day Lewis, Monica Lewinsky and Galileo. Thailand’s military is also referred to by the Reverend Sharpton as “thigh” military.

Watch the goodness.

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