Blaze TV host Dana Loesch recently relocated to Dallas, Texas, and she has a message for her new state’s drivers.

“I freely admit that I drive like crap. I don’t know anyone else that had a fender-bender in the fast food line at Taco Bell…” Loesch began in a web exclusive. “I am every stereotype of a female driver embodied in one person. But in Texas, I’m like the best driver here! That should scare you.”

Loesch told a story about an individual she saw attempting to squeeze into a parking space close to “eleventy frillion times.” When the door opened, Loesch said she was “fully expecting” to see her “clone” step out.

“It was a man!” Loesch said with a laugh. “It was a man driving this truck! Gets out of the truck and goes into the supermarket — that man was a woman driver.”

Loesch has often mocked the so-called “war on women,” and in recent months has decided to wage “war” on other issues as well. On Tuesday, Loesch waged war on bad Texas drivers.

Watch the entire video below:


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