Navigating through today’s healthcare marketplace has never been more challenging or expensive. Most believe there are only two alternatives:

  1. Buy expensive healthcare coverage, or
  2. Go without, and pay a fine


Now, there’s a better choice!

Liberty HealthShare is an affordable alternative to expensive healthcare. A nationwide, Ohio-based nonprofit, Liberty HealthShare believes people shouldn’t overpay for medical care they need, and neither should they have to guess how their hard-earned dollars are being used. That’s because Liberty HealthShare represents a community of members who support each other financially through medical bill sharing. Members contribute a monthly share amount to the healthcare expenses of others in the group, while receiving financial support when they have expenses.

How do they keep costs down? Instead of paying inflated projections, members share the actual costs incurred by the group. Because Liberty HealthShare attracts health conscious people, their costs are typically less. “We emphasize spiritual principles of wellness, health and prevention,” says communications Director Matt Bellis. “Health conscious people tend to have fewer bills, lower costs and more rapid recoveries. As a community we are rewarded for our healthy choices through lower costs”.

Josiah Conrad, a Liberty HealthShare member, recalled the shock response people often have when he talks about how the community system works. “When I tell people about Liberty’s model, they’re often surprised and they wonder if it is sustainable,” he said. “I compare Liberty to the way Credit Unions work. Credit Unions look and function like banks, but with fewer restrictions and member involvement. Liberty HealthShare is member-driven, decided and determined. That’s the dynamic that makes it work so flawlessly and well.”

Conrad also added that, as members, “we are all motivated to control costs and eliminate bureaucracy and red tape. Liberty provides us with access to affordable healthcare without the hassle and bloated expenses.”

Liberty HealthShare also prides itself on its full disclosure of every dollar within the system. Members know exactly where their money is going each month, and how much (about 12 percent) of those dollars are going to administrative overhead. That’s why Liberty HealthShare adheres to a strict policy that verifies every medical expense submission to ensure that all received funds are used appropriately.

Bellis explained that this model of healthcare– shared expenses, health-conscious living, and transparency– is what makes healthcare cost sharing such an attractive alternative to anyone who purchases healthcare for themselves or their families: ‘When you join, your costs will remain low, you’ll always know where your money is going because we have a transparent on-line payment system, you’ll make your own healthcare decisions, and you can choose any doctor or hospital you please. That’s the Liberty HealthShare advantage.”

Conrad, attesting to Liberty HealthShare’s lower costs, said that both he and his wife pay 45 percent less each month. And even better, Josiah added, “their easy-to-use on-line technology makes participation a breeze. It’s paperless, seamless, and no harder than the click of a button.”

With growing uncertainty in healthcare, many Americans today are looking for ways to use their healthcare dollars in innovative ways that conventional insurance can’t offer. Liberty HealthShare is the answer. Get qualified for free at Liberty HealthShare to see why more people are choosing this healthcare cost sharing solution.

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