Is the term “illegal immigrant” racist? Is the “i-word” the new “n-word”? That’s what CNN contributor Sally Kohn wrote recently, and she joined Will Cain on his TheBlaze Radio show “Cain and Cupp” this weekend to debate it.

“It is not an inaccurate word,” says Kohn. But: “This deliberate choice we make around language shape how people are seen in this society. I don’t think we need to dehumanize people who are coming here.”

“How many of some people get to change objective definitions to words?” Cain later countered. “You are sacrificing precision for feelings, and objectivity, like the dictionary, for consensus.”

“I’m not suggesting we ban a word, not talking about censorship,” said Kohn. “People can do whatever the heck they want to do. I’m making a recommendation.”

Listen here:

This conversation starts up at approximately the 1:22 mark. Other topics on the show include how to fix the border crisis, what sport represents life and the authenticity gap.

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