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Senator Elizabeth Warren gave a speech last Friday at the annual Netroots Nation, a convention for liberal bloggers and activists, and many on the left have labeled her speech as the “11 Progressive Commandments”. On his radio show, Buck Sexton took these so-called “commandments” to task.

Sexton was no fan of Warren, or her speech, and labeled her as a “third rate intellectual with a first rate, but fraudulent, academic credentials” and having “all the charm of an East German librarian”. When Warren said that the minimum wage must be raised, Sexton responded “that will help 10% of the people in poverty, maybe 10%, so… awesome”.

And while Sexton did have some fun with Sen. Warren’s speech, he was sure to note that “this is our future if we don’t pay attention”.

Listen to the segment here (jump to 1:01:39)


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