Saturday morning on TheBlaze Radio’s “Pure Opelka,” host Mike Opelka spoke with Israel-based reporter Sharona Schwartz.

During the interview, Schwartz talked about the dozens of terror tunnels into her country that Hamas had built using cement that was probably provided by Israel. She added that each tunnel cost an estimated $1 million per year to maintain, while reporting that the average per capita income in Gaza is under $1200 per year.

Schwartz explained the Israeli perspective on the FAA’s temporary blocking of flights from the U.S. into Israel and how Hamas viewed that as a victory.

She also shared her feelings on life in a country that has been the target of more than 2,200 Gaza-launched rockets in the past month. Schwartz told TheBlaze Radio audience, “As for my family, I live in northern Israel, so I really can’t complain…I personally only heard one siren, and that was one too many.”

Schwartz went on to detail the stresses felt by friends and family in central and southern Israel where the threat of incoming rockets has cancelled all summer camp and outdoor activities for children.

Monday morning on TheBlaze Radio, Sharona Schwartz will return with a live report with the latest news from the region.

The interview with Sharona starts at the 9:30 point.

This episode of “Pure Opelka” also includes segments on internet security from Tech and Intelligence Editor Elizabeth Kreft and a discussion with Faith Editor Billy Hallowell about the five biggest companies that openly declare their ties to their Christian faith.


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