During Saturday morning’s episode of “Pure Opelka,” Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn delivered some strong evidence to beat back any argument that claims Republicans are behind the “do-nothing” Congress.

Blackburn talked about the 536 bills passed by the House — more than half carry 100 percent bipartisan support — but sit on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk, waiting for discussion, debate or a vote. She also added that more than 40 bills are focused on jobs and helping people get back to work.

Image: Twitter

Image: Twitter

The second half of the radio show also includes a “beat down” of MSNBC and a curious declaration by host Mike Opelka, “Senator Chuck Schumer and I are in complete agreement on something.”

Listen to the interview with Rep. Marsha Blackburn starting at the 10:30 point in the program.


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