Buck Sexton (Image source: TheBlaze TV)

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Buck Sexton opened his show Thursday on TheBlaze Radio Network by comparing the media’s treatment of the scandals between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. We all have heard of Christie’s “Bridgegate,” but have you heard anything about Cuomo’s Moreland Commission?

The Moreland Commission, Buck explains, was a committee to clean up Albany (where Buck says even the capital is a “monument to waste and fraud”). However, once the committee turned attention to Cuomo, the Governor shut it down because it “got too close to home”, according to Buck.

While the mainstream media has been noticeably quiet about the Moreland Commission, Buck says “this is how the Democrats keep winning elections, because the people don’t know the truth and the media is constantly lying.”

Listen to the full takedown of Gov. Andrew Cuomo starting at the 18:38 mark:

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