Late Friday evening, TheBlaze late-night editor Oliver Darcy and I were headed downtown after celebrating his birthday at an establishment near the newsroom when we encountered an enormous New York City rat loitering on the platform, possibly awaiting the D train.

Being a responsible journalist, I swiftly whipped out my always-present camera to immortalize the creature for you and for posterity.

What happened next permanently shook my faith in the détente I once thought existed between man and beast in New York City.

Warning: This video could give you nightmares

Fear not, caring Blaze readers. Your breaking news editor survived the onslaught with no bodily harm. The only damage was to my dignity. The rat passed nearby, possibly between my legs, but faded at the moment of crisis. If I have rabies, I don’t know it yet.

But be warned. The social contract between man and rodent has dissolved. This moment shall live in infamy.

Here’s the raw and terrifying footage

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