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  • Why You Should Grow Your Own Food
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 7:45 pm by Sponsored Post

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    The team at SurvivalSeeds4Patriots, a leading provider of non-GMO heirloom seeds, thinks you should know what’s in your food.


    Because your food could be full of poisons or contain genetically modified ingredients. Even if a food contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it doesn’t have to be labeled as such in the U.S.

    One of the only ways to ensure that the food you eat is safe, free of pesticides and herbicides, and not genetically modified is to grow your own. Striving for a GMO-free diet isn’t only important for your own health, but for the health of the planet and future generations.

    Health Risks of GMO Foods

     Some people argue that GMO foods aren’t harmful at all. Lisa Cipperman, a clinical dietitian at University Hospitals, in Cleveland, told ABCNews that there is no research or evidence that suggests that genetically modifying foods makes them harmful. But, those who question the use of GMOs note that the lack of research or evidence is what should be concerning. There’s no way to know what the impact of GMO foods can or will be on the population.

    07-28-14 MMM_Native Article 2_Inside_1

    Cipperman admits that there is one proven area of concern when it comes to GMO foods and that’s exposing people with allergies to allergens, without their knowledge. For example, an early version of a genetically modified soybean was created using genes from the Brazil nut.

    That might have been great news for scientists, but it was terrible news for people with known allergies to nuts who ate the soybeans, unaware that they were consuming the allergen.  While the company that produced the soybean ended production after the allergy connection was revealed, without labeling, there is no way for a person to know whether or not a GMO food was created with an allergen.

    The RoundUp Conundrum

    Certain GMO crops have been designed to be able to withstand the use of the herbicide RoundUp, or glyphosate, which was developed by Monsanto scientists in the 1970s. So-called RoundUp Ready crops have been modified so that even if a farmer sprays the herbicide near them, they won’t die.

    The use of RoundUp Ready crops has had a negative impact on the environment and potentially on people’s health. A study from Norway’s Arctic University, published by Food Chemistry in 2014, found that GMO soybeans contained high levels of glyphosate, according to the Environmental Working Group.

    07-28-14 MMM_Native Article 2_Inside_2

    The study looked at three different types of soybeans: those grown organically, non-GMO beans, and GMO beans. Among these categories, 70 percent of the GMO soybeans were found to contain high levels of the herbicide. According to Monsanto’s standards, an extreme level of RoundUp is 5.6 milligrams for every kilogram of plant weight. During the study, scientists found levels as high as 9 mg per kilogram of plant weight.

    The herbicide is hazardous to human health and can cause cell death. Despite that, the study found that people who eat products with GMO soy in them are getting an unhealthy dose of RoundUp each time.

    Beyond the human health concerns, RoundUp ready crops can also spell disaster for the agricultural system at large. Certain weeds have already adapted to the herbicide. Dubbed “superweeds,” these plants are resistant to the herbicide’s affects, meaning people are eating poisoned food for nothing.

    What You Can Do

     While you can find non-GMO foods at the grocery store, particularly if you buy organic, one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is to grow your own, notes Allen Baler of 4Patriots LLC. Baler and his team at SurvivalSeeds4Patriots encourages everyone to grow at least some of their own crops, pointing out, “It’s so easy to find GMO-free seeds. It’s a simple measure to protect your health and keep your crop going year after year.”

    The reach of Monsanto and the GMO industry is long, though, notes Baler. According to Treehugger, Monsanto purchased one of the largest seed companies in the U.S. back in 2005, meaning that company today owns about 40 percent of the seed supply in the country. Still, it’s possible to find seeds from companies that aren’t own by Monsanto.

    SurvivalSeeds4Patriots encourages you to do so for several reasons. While you should be able to purchase a package of seed, plant it, then harvest the seeds the plant produces and plant those, certain seeds are designed to be sterile. That means you continually need to purchase seeds from a company and can’t plant the seeds produced by your crop. This makes no sense to Baler and his team. He wonders, “Why not buy seeds one time, then have the chance to reuse the seeds from this years crop in next year’s?”

    One way to guarantee that the seeds you plant aren’t sterile and will produce seeds that you can plant the next season is to look for seeds from companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. Signing the pledge means that a company has tested the seeds and can assure you that it is free of GMOs.

    Another way to avoid GMOs in your garden is to plant heirloom varieties. Heirlooms produce viable seeds year after year. They also typically taste better than hybrid or GMO varieties.07-28-14 MMM_Native Article 2_Inside_3

    Saving seed is a practice that has been passed down from generation to generation. The team at Seeds4Patriots encourages you to get out there, grown your own, and keep the tradition alive.

    As a special offer for Blaze readers, you can get 150 free heirloom tomato seeds to try for yourself.

    AmyFreeman contributed to this article.


  • DOD warns: Climate change can lead to new terrorist threats
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 5:25 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    The Defense Department released a report Monday that imagines a resource-starved world caused by climate change, which could lead to new terrorist threats that the U.S. military must be prepared to meet.

    DOD’s Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap said climate change “may cause instability in other countries” by threatening access to food and water, spreading disease and causing the disruption of large portions of their civilian populations.

    US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Chuck Hagel released a report Monday saying climate change could lead to new terrorist threats, and is an urgent national security concern. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN


  • Are Brittany Maynard’s supporters really ‘celebrating suicide’?
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 4:36 pm by Steve Krakauer

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    Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill 29-year-old woman who has decided to die Nov. 1, has brought up many strong opinions. Matt Walsh, a new contributor to TheBlaze, wrote about the issue, and on their TheBlaze Radio show this weekend, co-hosts Will Cain and SE Cupp tackled all facets of the issue as well.

    “The philosophical argument for this is a libertarian one,” Cupp said. “If you believe a person has the right to smoke a cigarette, to eat a cheeseburger, to smoke weed, to drink themselves into oblivion, then you have to believe also that a person has the right to end his or her own life, I think almost regardless of why.”

    Cain said of those calling Maynard “brave” for her decision: “I don’t think we are required to choose between whether or not Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her own life is brave, or whether we should condemn,” he said. “I reject that.”

    Cupp said, “No one here is celebrating suicide, even if I think she has the right to do it.”

    What do you think? Listen here (the conversation starts up at approximately the 7-minute mark):

    Also discussed: a debate between Cain and Cupp about whether cigarettes should be sold on military bases.

    You can listen to all the Cain and Cupp shows on TheBlaze Radi0 here.

  • Public kicked out of UN health group meeting that will recommend huge tobacco taxes
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 3:57 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    A World Health Organization group on Monday voted to kick out members of the public in a meeting in Russia before debating and voting on a recommendation to significantly increase taxes on cigarettes around the world.

    The sixth meeting of the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control started on Monday, and is expected to end the week with an agreement that countries should impose an excise tax that will double or even triple the price of cigarettes in most countries. That tax is likely to do significant harm to U.S. tobacco growers, who are the source of tobacco for many cigarette makers around the world.



  • Government + Ebola is a very bad mix
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 3:41 pm by Stu Burguiere

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    In the fight against ebola, our federal government is proving at every turn that they:

    A.) Don’t understand what they’re talking about.

    B.) Refuse to rely on implement common sense to stop it.

    But today, we got an update from the CDC and it boils down to 4 easy to remember words. Enjoy! And a special thank you to Dr. Thomas Frieden, for helping us to prepare!

    We take your insightful ebola themed calls at and reveal four words to remember at the 43:37 mark:

  • Beck says the CDC rushed to ‘blame the victim’ in latest Ebola case for a very simple reason
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 3:10 pm by Erica Ritz

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    Glenn Beck on Monday reacted to the news that Texas now has a second confirmed case of Ebola. The patient is reportedly a nurse who was involved in the treatment of Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week from the disease.

    “They don’t know how she was exposed, but what they’re now saying is, ‘It was her fault,’” Beck said on his radio program. “Wait, when you tell us how she got it, well then maybe you can blame the victim. … That’s like blaming the woman for rape. When you don’t know, what do you say we don’t blame her? What do you say we say ‘we don’t know’ and until we do, we assume the suit doesn’t work?”

    “The reason why they’re not doing that is because they don’t want you to panic,” Beck said. “So let’s just say we start to see how viral this thing perhaps is. Hopefully it’s not. But if we start to see this thing spread, how long before a few things start to happen? … How long before the doctors and nurses say, ‘[The] CDC and our hospitals are not equipped, and until they get serious, I’m not going in there because they’re going to blame me for getting it!’”

    Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

    Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

    “Second thing,” Beck continued. “We’ve seen that there is a possible cure and it’s in San Diego. The president should be right now fast tracking that serum to make sure that we can get enough of that and stop this. That serum should be in the hospitals here in America. That woman should be on that serum today. Why is she not on that serum? Now, we know it’s really hard to make. It’s in early stages. [But] the president should be giving a speech right now … saying, ‘I’m fast tracking this serum and we’re pouring all the resources we can into this research to make sure we can make enough.’”

    Beck said if the president doesn’t make it clear that ZMapp is being fast-tracked — and the government continues to blame those who contracted Ebola — people are going to become uneasy about going to hospitals.

    “Nobody knows how it’s spread and there’s no cure for it. So I’m not going into the hospital because I don’t want to get something that I don’t currently have,” Beck said. “So paranoia starts to go. Another thing happens. … If she dies and we’re not putting the cure in her, what that means to people is, ‘You get it, you die.’ Well, why would I go to the doctor? So if you have a fever … and you think you might have it, you’re going to shut your mouth. You’re going the deny that you have it because it will be a natural thing to go into a normalcy bias. ‘No, it’s just a normal cold…’”

    “You’ve got to fast track the cure,” Beck remarked. “And you have to close the … flights out of West Africa.”

    Beck said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is out of his mind to try to keep a dog that may have been exposed to Ebola alive.

    “You can’t keep the dog alive. Dogs are carriers of this,” Beck said. “There’s a good chance this dog has the Ebola virus and could spread the Ebola virus. What are we, insane?”

    “Don’t answer that question, because we know the answer to the question,” Beck concluded. “In America, the answer to the question is, ‘Yes, we’re full-fledged, out of our minds nuts.’”

    Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

    The full episode of The Glenn Beck Program, along with many other live-streaming shows and thousands of hours of on-demand content, is available on just about any digital device. Click here to watch every Glenn Beck episode from the past 30 days for just $1!

  • Glenn Beck has finally figured out why he dresses so eccentrically
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 1:29 pm by Erica Ritz

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    Glenn Beck’s radio co-hosts, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere, routinely make fun of Beck for his eccentric taste in clothes and accessories.

    On Monday, after Beck said he has finally figured out why he dresses so uniquely, Burguiere asked whether “blindness” had something to do with it.

    “That did cross my mind,” Beck said with a laugh. “But anyway, no. I figured something out. And I think we are all suffering from it. I’m just manifesting it in a different way.”

    Beck said he selects clothes that remind him of the 1970s and 1980s because he likes “the way things were” in those decades; they were “simpler times.”

    “I just want something to make sense, because nothing in the media is making sense. Nothing in Washington is making sense,” he said. “Quite honestly, sometimes you even listen to the people in the pulpits and they don’t make sense. Guys, what are we doing? Simpler times.”

    Glenn Bekc speaks on his radio program April 15, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

    Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program April 15, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

    Beck fully admitted that previous decades had many issues, but said that because he was younger, he didn’t feel “connected to all of the problems.”

    “You are much more optimistic when you’re 20,” he said. “Now you have the concerns of not just you, but also your children and your grandchildren. … It’s deeper. So the problems weren’t any better or any worse. They just are.”

    Beck compared his wardrobe selection to “the Disney theory,” where the main entrance was designed to reflect the country in the World War I era, but “tomorrowland” was right around the corner.

    “The kids were coming in to see the magic at the end of the street, but the adults were so upset,” Beck explained. “It was a time where we were having blacklists, where the communists were everywhere, where we had people that were going to try to blow us up, we were in the great war, the war to end all wars, then World War II, then we went immediately to Korea. … Everything was changing so rapidly.”

    “So they would go to Disneyland, and Walt put a warm blanket around them and said, ‘Remember what it was like when the world made sense? Remember what it was like?’” Beck continued. “And it gave them a chance to go, ‘Oh, relax. It’s a safe place.’ And then they could enjoy the magic.”

    Beck said that by dressing in clothes that remind him of his childhood, he is “trying to put a warm blanket around [himself].”

    “It’s my normalcy bias manifesting,” Beck said. “I think we are all feeling this need to have a warm blanket, but there isn’t one. And I think I’m just creatively finding my own warm blanket.”

    Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

    The full episode of The Glenn Beck Program, along with many other live-streaming shows and thousands of hours of on-demand content, is available on just about any digital device. Click here to watch every Glenn Beck episode from the past 30 days for just $1!

  • Could the dog belonging to the Texas nurse be the next victim of Ebola?
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 1:20 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    A Texas official said Monday that health workers are closely monitoring the dog belonging to the nurse who became the second person ever to contract the Ebola virus in the United States.

    Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, told reporters that the nurse owns a dog, and that the dog is being cared for and closely watched. He said the dog was removed from the apartment of the nurse as that apartment was being cleaned.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.35.43 PM

    Nina Pham, pictured here with her dog, is reportedly the nurse who has contracted Ebola in Texas, according to WFAA in Texas.
    Photo credit: WFAA

    “One issue related to the final cleaning is the health care worker has a dog, and we want to make sure that we respond appropriately,” Lakey said. “And so we’re working hard to find a local to care for the dog and a location where we can have the proper monitoring of the dog.”

    On Monday, the nurse’s family identified her as 26-year old Nina Pham, according to WFAA in Texas. The station released a picture of Pham with her dog.

    The question of whether pets are safe from the disease has already arisen in Europe. Last week, Spanish authorities euthanized a dog belonging to the victim of an Ebola virus there, amid protests from animal rights groups.

    So far, the dog belonging to Pham is avoiding that fate. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told USA Today that there are no plans to euthanize the dog.

    Lakey spoke in a press briefing along with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tom Frieden, who largely reiterated the CDC’s efforts to contain the virus in the United States.

    Frieden reiterated that health workers are still monitoring the status of the 48 people that deceased Ebola patient Thomas Duncan may have infected, plus the one person they believe could be at risk of catching Ebola from Pham.

    However, Frieden said they are still trying to figure out what other health care workers may have had lethal contact with Duncan, and said that information could be released on Tuesday.

    “That process is still underway,” Frieden said. “The team worked hard through the day yesterday, into the night yesterday, and are still actively working today to interview each one of the large number of healthcare workers who might potentially have had contact with the index patient when he was hospitalized.”

    Over the weekend, Frieden talked about the breach in protocol that allowed the virus to be transmitted from Duncan to the nurse. But Monday, he said those comments should not be seen as a criticism of the nurse.

    “I’m sorry if that was the impression given,” he said. “That was certainly not my intention.”

    “The enemy here is a virus, Ebola,” he added. “It’s not a person, it’s not a country, it’s not a place, it’s not a hospital. It’s a virus.”

  • House Dem says fight over same-sex marriage is over in the United States
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 11:53 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), one of eight openly gay or bisexual members of the current Congress, said over the weekend that fight over same-sex marriage in the United States is over, after a recent Supreme Court decision effectively legalized these marriages in five states.

    Pocan spoke less than a week after the high court let stand lower court rulings that struck down state-level bans on same-sex marriage. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) was hoping for a Supreme Court review of those decisions, but when the Court didn’t take up those cases, even Walker admitted the fight is “over.”

    Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.45.15 AM


  • Fox News’ Bob Beckel challenges Jason Mattera to fight, then nothing
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 11:45 am by Chris Salcedo

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    Remember when the press wasn’t biased? I don’t either. But at least the majority of folks who populate the nation’s newsrooms once made a half-hearted effort to appear fair and balanced in their coverage. In the era of Obama however, many in the press don’t even bother to cloak their bias.  The preferential treatment can be seen in how they ask tough questions of the GOP that they’d never dream of asking Democrats, but also in the stories the press doesn’t cover.

    How has Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) managed to acquire $6.7 million of wealth after spending his life earning a public salary?  Where are Lois Lerner’s missing emails? Is she sorry she targeted conservatives using the tax code as a weapon? The last question really rubbed Bob Beckel of the Fox News the wrong way: he took particular exception to Jason Mattera asking questions of Lerner while she was walking her dogs.

    Mattera, the author of “Crapitalism,” gets further than congressional committees or anyone in the mainstream press in getting answers from these public figures.

    ATTENTION JOURNALISTS: grab your notepads and cue it to 58:49 to hear what it sounds like to hold extremist liberals accountable! You just may learn something.

  • The connection between Benghazi and the new season of ‘Homeland’
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 11:01 am by Steve Krakauer

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    There have been three episodes of the new season of “Homeland” so far. As the series has shifted towards some action that seems to mirror the Obama administration’s foreign policy (the first episode was called “The Drone Queen,”) another incident seems to be shaping up on screen that resembles a real world incident —  this time Benghazi.

    On TheBlaze’s Homeland Recap Podcast, we look at this connection. Spoiler alert – don’t keep reading unless you’ve seen the third episode of season 4:

    It was a YouTube video which was originally blamed for the protests that led to the attack on the embassy in Benghazi. Similarly in the first episode of the season we saw a drone strike mistakenly kill an entire wedding party in Pakistan. The YouTube video of the aftermath (where there was one survivor among 50) led to protests around the Middle East. It was the “spontaneous” protest that was the initial explanation for the death of CIA station chief Sandy Bachman. But as Quinn and Carrie discovered in this episode, the “spontaneous” protest wasn’t spontaneous at all — they suspect it was orchestrated by Pakistani Intelligence, which was controlling the entire incident. They figured this out after seeing a man with an earpiece in the video of the attack.

    How will this play out the rest of the season? Listen to the podcast for more:

    Also in the podcast — a new game: “Are They British?” You may be surprised to see just how many people on “Homeland” are British actors playing Americans. Tell us in the comments how many of the 10 you got right.

    Listen to all episodes of TheBlaze’s Homeland Recap Podcast on TheBlaze Radio On Demand here.

  • Pressure builds for travel ban after second Ebola case
    Posted October 13, 2014 at 9:22 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    The weekend diagnosis of another Ebola victim in the United States is prompting members of Congress to renew their call for ban on people traveling from West Africa, something the Obama administration is still resisting.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday that a Texas health care worker contracted the virus in some unknown way after treating first U.S. Ebola victim, Thomas Duncan.


  • Homeland Security is deferring to CDC on whether to impose a travel ban for Ebola
    Posted October 10, 2014 at 2:46 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    A Department of Homeland Security official said Friday that her department is letting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call the shots on whether to ban people from entering the United States if they are traveling from West Africa.

    Dr. Kathryn Brinsfield, acting assistant Homeland Security secretary for health affairs, was asked in a House field hearing in Dallas why a travel ban is not in place. Brinsfield indicated that DHS is ready to impose one if necessary, but for now is taking direction from CDC, which so far has opposed this move.

    Licensed clinicians practice drawing blood from a patient using a dummy in Anniston, Ala. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed an introductory training course for licensed clinicians to deal with cases of Ebola. While many have demanded a travel ban on people from West Africa, officials are supporting the CDC’s decision not to impose a ban. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)


  • Boehner accuses Obama of ‘lawlessness’ for trying to close Guantanamo Bay
    Posted October 10, 2014 at 1:00 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Friday warned that any Obama administration plan to close the terrorist detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay without input from Congress would be a lawless action that goes against the wishes of both members and the American people.

    “An overwhelming majority of the American people and bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate oppose importing the terrorists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay into the United States, yet the White House continues to move forward with its plan,” Boehner said. “Even as Islamic jihadists are beheading Americans, the White House is so eager to bring these terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the United States that it is examining ways to thwart Congress and unilaterally re-write the law.”

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Friday he opposes President Barack Obama’s attempt to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, and warned that going around Congress would be the latest example of Obama’s “lawlessness.” (AP Photo/Molly Riley, File)


  • ‘More extreme than any film I have ever seen’: The UN’s dire warning about Ebola
    Posted October 10, 2014 at 12:10 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Top United Nations officials charged with overseeing the body’s response to the Ebola outbreak warned Friday that the Ebola outbreak is spreading and is already threatening the entire world, and said only global coordination will help isolate and defeat it.

    The UN meeting heard from Dr. David Nabarro, the UN’s senior system coordinator for Ebola, who said the outbreak is now worse than any virus movie he’s ever seen.

    David Nabarro, senior United Nations system coordinator for Ebola, said Friday that the Ebola outbreak is worse than any film he’s seen on virus outbreaks. Andrew Burton/Getty Images


  • Peggy pans Panetta, but it’s her damning theory on why he wrote ‘Worthy Fights’ that’s most significant
    Posted October 10, 2014 at 11:54 am by Benjamin Weingarten

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    In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Peggy Noonan lambasts Leon Panetta’s new memoir, “Worthy Fights,” framing the former Secretary of Defense and CIA chief as self-serving, ‘unseemly’ and hackish.

    Contrary to many observers of the Washington mainstay as he has made the media rounds since the launch of his book, the former Reagan speechwriter lays into the substance — or lack thereof of Panetta’s new book. Holding no punches, she writes:

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (Photo: DOD/Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo)

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (Image Source: DOD/Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo) 

    This memoir of his years as a successful political and bureaucratic player is obnoxious and lacks stature. Reading a comparable book, Robert Gates’s recent, stinging memoir, you could see through the lines a broken heart. In Mr. Panetta’s you see mostly spleen.

    …”Worthy Fights” is highly self-regarding even for a Washington book. Mr. Panetta is always surprised, due to his natural modesty, to be offered yet another, higher position. He reluctantly accepts and wins over doubters with his plain, no-BS style. He does well, seeing around corners, saving budgets, and developing relationships with anxious prime ministers who need a pal.

    Of Panetta’s persistent bashing of Republicans while praising Democrats, Noonan notes:

    [T]his book is smugly, grubbily partisan. Republicans (more…)

  • Is your favorite snack nutritious enough to be served at school? Take USDA’s fun quiz.
    Posted October 10, 2014 at 10:28 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    The U.S. Department of Agriculture is encouraging schools use a “smart snacks product calculator” to determine if the food they serve in schools qualifies under the Obama administration’s school lunch standards.

    Earlier this year, USDA told all state agencies that its Food and Nutrition Service had determined the calculator is an accurate tool for measuring compliance with federal rules for school food.

    Does all that food qualify as nutritious under the government’s school lunch nutrition guidelines? Run it through the Smart Snacks Product Calculator to find out. (AP Photo/The Flint Journal, Jake May)


  • John Boehner, Jeff Sessions slam White House for admitting its immigration delay was tied to elections
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 6:01 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) on Thursday blasted the White House for openly admitting that it delayed unilateral action to ease immigration in order to ensure that move wouldn’t hurt Democrats in the mid-term election.

    “Whether before or after the election in November, it is never acceptable for the President to re-write our laws by executive decree – the Constitution does not give him the authority to do so,” Boehner and Goodlatte said in a joint statement. “By taking unilateral action on immigration, President Obama will inject serious constitutional questions into an already heated debate.”

    House Speaker John Boehner was among the Republicans who criticized the Obama administration Thursday for acknowledging that it delayed action on immigration to spare Democrats from an election-day revolt. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


  • GOP, Dem senators ask: Where is Obama’s support for Hong Kong protestors?
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 4:37 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Twenty one senators — 10 Republicans and 11 Democrats — called on President Barack Obama on Thursday to vocally support student protests aimed at increasing political freedom in Hong Kong.

    Thousands of students and others have staged protests in Hong Kong since the summer in a push for democratic reforms. In late September, police used pepper spray against the students, forcing students to use their umbrellas to shield themselves.

    A protester holds an umbrella during a performance on a main road in the occupied areas outside government headquarters in Hong Kong’s Admiralty in Hong Kong. Several senators are asking Obama to speak up in support of the protestors. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)


  • House panel approves $700 million in funding to fight Ebola
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 1:57 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    A House Appropriations subcommittee on Thursday agreed to give the Department of Defense access to another $700 million to fight Ebola in West Africa, after Defense briefed members on its plan.

    Defense had asked for $750 million to fund its operations in West Africa, which involve 3,000 troops who will help to build hospital facilities and carry out other tasks aimed at helping medical personnel fight the virus.

    A man pushes a wheelbarrow containing a woman thought to be a victim of the Ebola virus at the Ebola treatment centre at Island hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. A House panel has authorized $700 million more in funding for Defense Department efforts to fight Ebola. AFP PHOTO / PASCAL GUYOT


  • Obama administration making no predictions this time around on Obamacare enrollments
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 1:00 pm by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell on Thursday declined to predict how many people would sign up for Obamacare during the second open enrollment period, and indicated that the number may fall short of past estimates.

    The Congressional Budget Office has predicted that 13 million people would be signed up for an insurance plan under the controversial law by 2015. But in response to a question about a numerical target, Burwell indicated that officials are not pledging to hit that number.

    Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell declined on Thursday to predict enrollment numbers under Obamacare for 2015. The Washington Post/The Washington Post/Getty Images


  • Report says government not keeping consolidated data on voter fraud
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 11:48 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    The Government Accountability Office released a report this week that said no single entity in the federal government is responsible for tracking in-person voter fraud, and that in most states, tracking voter fraud is handled by multiple agencies.

    GAO said these facts make it very difficult to examine how often people try to claim someone else’s identify at the polls.

    A new government report says there are no consolidated statistics about voting fraud, either at the federal or state level, making it hard to determine how often in-person voting fraud happens. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)


  • How Democrats expertly apply the five key principles of the Koch Brothers’ business
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 11:05 am by Benjamin Weingarten

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    In 2007, Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries, Inc., published a book titled “The Science of Success: How Market-Based Management Built the World’s Largest Private Company,” laying out five principles that comprise his market-based management philosophy, to which he attributes the exponential growth of Koch Industries.

    As political observers are likely aware, the success of Koch Industries has enabled the Kochs to spend millions of dollars funding libertarian ideological initiatives and Republican political campaigns, something Democrats are not enamored of. Sen. Harry Reid most famously has attacked the Kochs — using them as a caricature for the villainous one percent seeking to subvert democracy by using their riches to elect candidates who will implement an “extremist” free market agenda, presumably to enrich themselves on the backs of the poor.

    Image: MSNBC Screen Capture

    (Image Source: MSNBC Screengrab) 

    What does “The Science of Success” have to do with the Democrats?

    In an ironic twist, in looking at the Koch principles and the success of the Democratic party at the national level, one could argue that Harry Reid’s Democrats themselves are expert practitioners of the very principles that the Kochs have applied to such great success in industry. (more…)

  • Senate Republicans warn House against Obamacare bailout
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 10:27 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    A group of Senate Republicans led by Marco Rubio (Fla.), and which includes Ted Cruz (Texas), Rand Paul (Ky.) and others, have warned the House that it needs to take steps later this year to stop the Obama administration from bailing out health insurance companies under Obamacare.

    In a Wednesday letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), these senators said the administration is hoping to use existing money to bail out health insurance companies facing higher-than-expected costs under Obamacare. But they said the House must pass language in the next bill funding the federal government to prevent that from happening.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and several other GOP senators are warning the House that it needs to pass a spending bill that doesn’t allow for an Obamacare bailout of insurance companies. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)


  • Jason Chaffetz says Secret Service prostitution bombshell shows White House ‘taking care of its own’
    Posted October 9, 2014 at 9:37 am by Pete Kasperowicz

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    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Thursday that the latest revelations about the 2012 Secret Service prostitution scandal shows the Obama administration appears to have different standards of conduct for White House staff compared to other federal agencies.

    Chaffetz was reacting to news that the White House knew earlier than it initially said that a member of President Barack Obama’s advance team, Jonathan Dach, hired a prostitute while in Colombia, and ultimately decided he did nothing wrong. A story in the Washington Post also indicated that the White House may have pressured investigators to delay a final report on the investigation until after the 2012 election.

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Thursday that the White House appears to be protecting its own people from punishment in the 2012 Secret Service prostitution scandal. (AP Photo/Deseret News, Tom Smart, Pool)