Allah, Liberty and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom

Irshad Manji is a one-woman revolution. On the heels of 9/11, she turned heads—and risked her own—by suggesting that “we Muslims can no longer point fingers at non-Muslims to explain away our dysfunction.” Her groundbreaking book, The Trouble with Islam Today, lit a fire, and soon this teacher, author, and filmmaker was confronting officials in Iran and Pakistan about human rights abuses and getting run out of Gaza by the Islamic Jihad. She hasn’t backed down an inch, though. In Allah, Liberty and Love, Manji goes deeper, employing the concept of itjihad—the struggle to “understand our world by using our minds” instead of spreading violence and terror. And she calls us to summon the courage to question, to investigate, to discuss, to debate—all under the watchful eye of “the universally shared God of liberty and love.”

Watch Manji school Chris Matthews that the vast majority (in recent years between 85 and 98 percent) of murdered Muslims have fallen not at the hands of Western foes, but at the hands of al Qaeda: