Breathless: Wrath & Righteousness [Episode Four]

10 episodes…

12 months…

Countless hours of lost sleep…

Here’s a look at the fourth episode of a brand-new way to experience the unmatched exhilaration of a great book: 10 heart-stopping episodes released over the course of one year. Finish one, read the next. It’s like watching an entire season of your favorite TV show without any waiting.

Wrath & Righteousness Episode Four is Breathless…

“I want you to tell the president something for me. He has seven minutes. That is all. Seven minutes from now. I hope they are able to evacuate him before it happens, for I want him to see the death and destruction that he has caused. That is the only reason I am calling. I genuinely want him to live. I want him to see the downfall of his nation, the great whore of the earth. I want him to see his great city after it has been turned to black ash.”

And hang on to your tablets and laptops and other electronic devices…this is the episode where the action just doesn’t stop. Check out the below video where Glenn Beck gets Stewart to elaborate:

Stewart has demonstrated that he’s a masterful wielder of suspense. Check out the author’s lead-in to what appears to be an earth-shattering climax. (Think we’ll give away the ending? Ha!):

Despite the pain and depression, the assassin was ready to complete the mission he’d spent years training for. He was in extraordinary physical shape, knew how to operate and repair his own radio, could take apart and reassemble his collapsible rifle in less than fifty seconds (fifty-two seconds in the dark), and could pull himself up a sixty-foot rope with just his hands and his feet. Most important, he was an expert marksman who could shoot a bullet through the face on a U.S. twenty-dollar bill at three hundred feet.

Now, after years of training, his mission was here.

The PM would be emerging from the aircraft any moment now.

The Palestinian adjusted his weight to his side, his muscles and joints screaming with every move. He was so hot and dehydrated that his vision was blurry. But he saw well enough, and the target was so close.

Peering over the metal crossbeam, he had a clear view of the door to the prime minister’s jet. It was forty feet below him and thirty feet to his right. It would be like shooting a pig with a shotgun from three feet away. He wouldn’t miss. He couldn’t miss. Not from this range.

When the two security men emerged from the aircraft, the shooter had already positioned his rifle over the edge of the beam. He steadied the barrel on the metal rafter, and then placed his finger on the trigger, feeling the metal against his skin.

That’s not the half of it.

The president hesitated. What was he talking about? He jammed his finger against the broadcast button on the communications pod. “Falcon, what are you saying?” he demanded in a sharp voice.

“Bull’s-eye. We’ve had . . . explosion over the Gaza Strip. Repeat, we’ve . . . nuclear fireball. It looks like . . . holy . . . .” The pilot’s voice trailed off, crackling with the static that was building from the electromagnetic disturbance in the upper atmosphere. “It looks like,” his voice came back after a moment of white noise, “it looks like the Israelis have just nuked all of Gaza and half of Egypt as well!”

A coordinated attack on Israel’s government creates chaos in Jerusalem, but that’s only the beginning. As the Israelis respond it becomes evident that they’ve been set up in the most ruthless way imaginable.

With the world turned against them, the Israelis turn to the U.S. for help—but Saudi King Abdullah is already two steps ahead. After unleashing the final piece of his plan, it is no longer a question of whether America wants to save Israel, but whether American can save itself.

Check out Breathless and find out the rest…