Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans

A look at how liberals—those champions of peace, tolerance, and the “It Gets Better” campaign (yes, you Dan Savage)—are in the habit of bypassing civil debate and discussion in favor of bullying those who oppose them.

Author Ben Shapiro argues that bullying is, in fact, the go-to tactic of the left. Specifically that its members habitually attack, marginalize, and attempt to silence non-liberals through fear, threat of force, and rhetorical intimidation on every major issue facing America.

Further, he writes, anti-American bullies portray our country as a force for unspeakable evil in the world—a lumbering machine of global nastiness, chewing up portions of our population on behalf of their corporate overlords.

And race bullies such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson incite riots ending in murder, trump up charges against innocent district attorneys, or threaten violence to small towns in Florida, while calling anyone who disagrees with them “racists.”

Here’s Glenn Beck chatting with Shapiro on the radio about Bullies:

What’s often most difficult to stomach, Shapiro observes, is that while liberals are bullying their opponents, the liberals claim to be victims. They call their opponents “uncivil” while engaging in some of the most vulgar tactics against anyone they disagree with.

But in these pages Shapiro takes on the bullies and provides a compelling tour of the left’s thuggish tendencies on all of today’s top political issues.