Divider-in-Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change

“If Obama is shown the door after the 2012 election, Kate’s book will be one of the reasons whyeveryone needs to read this before November!”

Sean Hannity

When Barack Obama ran on a platform of “hope and change” in 2008, he promised to unite the country. But author Kate Obenshain reveals that President Obama has done exactly the opposite over the last four years.

Rather than seeking common-sense, pro-American solutions, Obama has pursued far-left policies, instituted a radical leftist agenda, and fostered a divisive attitude (which runs through his entire administration) that’s condescending toward and dismissive of Main Street America.

As a result, America has become a nation of even greater polarization and disillusionment.

In Divider-in-Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change, Obenshain paints a picture of a president who promotes class warfare, which in turn aggravates racial, gender, and economic differences…and in the end, it’s all a tool to advance his ideological agenda.

Here’s Obenshain discussing Divider-in-Chief with Human Events:

Further, Obenshain reveals:

  • Why Obama threatens religious freedom and the First Amendment.
  • How Obama has used racial differences as a wedge to divide Americans.
  • How Obama’s policies that penalize the rich have actually hurt the middle class, women, recent college graduates, and minorities.
  • How Obamacare is a special-interest nightmare that pummels small businesses and young people and women with huge financial burdens (and somehow the president was able to spin GOP opposition to the legislation into the party’s “war on women”).

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Obenshain at CPAC Colorado breaking down her book just after the first Obama-Romney debate:

The author argues that Obama is the most divisive president in U.S. history and that his ideologies are overriding the common good (clip from a Heritage Foundation event):