Here Come the Black Helicopters! UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom

Authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann are warning us: Our national sovereignty and freedom are in grave danger.

It’s a subject that isn’t in the news much at all, but it’s happening all the same. Globalists and socialists at the United Nations—and in the United States itself—are trying to dilute America’s national sovereignty, undermine its democratic values, and mandate massive transfers of the United States’ wealth and technology to developing countries.


To create an international community that’s in essence ruled by the UN, which would make critical decisions, legislate, and enforce—and it’s bye-bye to American’s representative government.

We’d all become “citizens of the world”…a place where, for example, economic prosperity would be punished in order to create across-the-board monetary equality. Socialism on the grandest scale imaginable.

More to the point, the UN wants widespread control; and one path toward that, Morris and McGann write, is getting Congress to ratify treaties and global initiatives that hand them that control.

But by all means, the authors plead, don’t let the UN:

  • regulate the Internet.
  • control the oceans.
  • tax U.S. offshore drilling, airline tickets, and financial transactions.
  • impose a UN income tax.
  • require gun control.
  • make it illegal to go to war without its approval.

That’s part of what’s at stake in this presidential election, because if Barack Obama gets another four yeas, Morris and McGann insist that he’ll in effect give away our sovereignty to the UN.

Check out this clip of Morris commenting on the 48 UN election monitors coming to America to look for evidence of voter suppression surrounding the 2012 presidential election:

Believe it or not, there’s even a push for UN control over…outer space. Read more from this excerpt from Here Come the Black Helicopters!:

In January 2012, Hillary Clinton announced we would enter into negotiations with European Union and other “space-faring” nations to develop a Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities.

On its surface, the code seems to be aimed at keeping outer space tidy by curbing the growing amount of debris in outer space. It is, literally, an anti-littering agreement. […]

But Taylor Dinerman, of the Gatestone Institute, explains the code’s  real purpose: “What this Code would, in fact, ban is what the Europeans, the Russians, and the Chinese see as American ‘space weapons.’…while it would allow Russia, China, and just about anyone else to continue their space weapons program, probably with only minimal cosmetic changes.”

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in May 2012, Hillary Clinton mocked those fighting for American sovereignty as “the black helicopter crowd,” belittling patriots who value freedom and U.S. self-government.

Ironically Clinton’s sarcastic putdown comes strikingly close to the truth.

They call it “global governance.” We call it the end of freedom. The homogenization of America. The day when the virtual black helicopters land.