If We Survive: A Novel

Here’s Glenn Beck’s take on the talented (quite the understatement) author of a 2011 novel for adults called The Identity Man:

“Andrew Klavan never disappoints…one of the best illustrations of the power of redemption that I’ve ever read.”

He also was hailed by Stephen King as “the most original novelist of crime and suspense since Cornell Woolrich.”

Now Klavan—a super-sharp conservative and award-winning author, screenwriter, and media commentator—has penned a penetrating, eye-opening novel geared toward young adults.

If We Survive focuses on a group of youths on a school-construction mission to Central America who get caught smack dab in the middle of a Communist revolution—and machine-gun toting dudes are looking to bump off any U.S. citizens they come across.

Can the foursome make it home?

The shock of how the world can turn on a dime is palpable—the youths had just been winning over the residents of a poor, secluded mountain village through their energy and kindness.

Now they have to get out fast.

But streets full of killers…hills patrolled by armies…and a jungle teeming with danger stand between them and the safety in a neighboring country. Their one hope of escape lies with a veteran warrior who has lost his faith and may betray them at any moment.

Their one dream is to find freedom and go home…but first, they must survive.

Here’s Klavin on PJTV talking about If We Survive, including how it parallels our present American political landscape as well as the prominent role faith plays within the pages:

Don’t look now, but according to Klavan’s own Web site, If We Survive should become the latest of his written works to hit Hollywood at some point:

Now a script has finally been written. I haven’t read it, but I hear it’s good. As always, however, the studio and producer have “notes,” which means they want a rewrite, so it’s gone back to the drawing board, as almost all scripts do.

Understand that I am not participating in this process and have no say in it—though I like the people involved and think they could produce a very good movie in the long run. But it is a long run.

Check out Klavin’s short “very serious” video monologue below for Real News from TheBlaze prior to the 2012 presidential election (and here’s an earlier, related chat with Scott Baker, editor in chief of TheBlaze) :