Miracles and Massacres: History As It’s Meant to Be Told

Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America is a book unlike any other that Glenn Beck has written to date. The book consists of twelve stories from American history, some of which you’ve never heard and others that you only thought you knew, told in a fast-paced, engaging style that brings the reader from the shores of early 18th century Tripoli to the villages of 1960s Vietnam, and everywhere in between.

Unlike other history books, Miracles and Massacres is meant to tell history with an emphasis on the story, a style that Glenn believes best captures the richness of our past. For as Glenn notes in the preface, his love of history and goal in writing about it has little to do with mere dates and names. What is compelling is that “History…is an ongoing story that is far more exciting than anything Hollyood screenwriters could ever come up with.” Glenn attempts to bring this history to life stating: “by immersing you in the action I believe you’ll come to see the people and events in a much more vivid and real way then you ever have before.”

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But in addition to telling stories in a captivating way, Miracles and Massacres is also meant to expose the complete, unvarnished truth about our nation’s formative events. American history is not sugarcoated but presented boldly and transparently, even if the implications make the reader uncomfortable or do not comport with the conventional wisdom.

For Miracles and Massacres is made to reflect America in both light and darkness–it is a patchwork of stories that reflect the country at its highest of highs and lowest of lows. And its lessons are as relevant today as they were when the events themselves transpired.

The twelve stories that comprise Miracles and Massacres reflect the great battles waged throughout American history: between the people and its government, the military and Islamic fundamentalists, good and evil men and those who seek the truth versus the whitewashers that cower from it at every turn. It covers America’s unsung heroes like Jack Jouett, and its tragic scapegoats like Tokyo Rose. It covers the nation’s triumphs like the First Barbary War, and its failures like at Wounded Knee.

Its themes are as timeless and stories as complex as the country itself.

Miracles and Massacres is a history book that reads like twelve short thrillers. It will make you question your preconceived notions on historical events and acts on which you thought the proverbial book was closed and shut. And it will entertain and educate you with the epic stories yet to have been told.

To find out more about Miracles and Massacres, check out the book page.

To see Glenn’s reading of a particularly explosive chapter on The Battle of Athens, in which American veterans took justice into their own hands against an oppressive small-town Tennessee government, check out the below clip:

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