No Apology: Believe in America

After a parade of powerful speeches at the Republican National Convention—the most notable barn burner coming from GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan—the table was set for Mitt Romney.

And the Republican presidential nominee accepted his party’s vote of confidence, telling Americans how he’ll build a better future for them…and delivering perhaps the most memorable statement of the RNC:

“President Obama has promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.”

Millions of voters got what may have been their longest sustained look at the man who hopes to sit in the Oval Office in January 2013.

And now that the curtain has opened a bit, now that we’ve received an initial peek, one great way to dig deeper and learn a ton more about the guy squaring off against Obama is through No Apology, the #1 New York Times bestselling book from Romney’s own hand that spells out his core beliefs about America’s strengths…and why we needn’t feel embarrassed by them.

Here are highlights of Romney’s acceptance speech:

In these pages Romney asserts that American strength is essential—not just for our own well-being, but for the world’s. Nations such as China and a resurgent Russia threaten to overtake us on many fronts, and violent Islamism continues its dangerous rise.

In the face of such challenges, America need not say “we’re so, so sorry” for our liberties; on the contrary, we must use them wisely.

(Clearly a President Romney wouldn’t embark upon any “apology tours” of the world.)

Instead, he writes, the United States needs renewal: fresh ideas to cut through complicated problems and restore our strength. Here Romney proposes solutions to restore economic vitality, create good jobs, reduce out-of-control spending on entitlements and health care, dramatically improve education, and rebuild a military battered by years of war.

Most important, Romney calls for a new commitment to citizenship, a common cause we all share, rather than a laundry list of individual demands. Many of his solutions oppose President Obama’s policies, many also run counter to Republican thinking, but all have one strategic aim: to strengthen America and preserve our global leadership.

No Apology is a call to action by a man who cares deeply about America’s history, its promise, and its future.

Here’s Romney speaking pointedly in a CBS interview in which he accuses Vice President Joe Biden of sinking the White House “just a little lower” and saying President Barack Obama is “running to hang on to power”:

Watch the Buzzfeed clip below to see Romney “unhinged,” in the words of the Obama campaign: