Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion

Radical liberals want to make America a better place, but their utopian social engineering leads, ironically, to greater human suffering. So argues bestselling author David Horowitz in his newest book Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion.

From Karl Marx to Barack Obama, Horowitz shows how the idealistic impulse to make the world “a better place” gives birth to the twin cultural pathologies of cynicism and nihilism—and is the chief source of human suffering.

A former liberal himself, Horowitz recounts his own brushes with radicalism and offers unparalleled insight into the disjointed ideology of liberal elites through case studies of well-known radial leftists, including Christopher Hitchens—whom Horowitz acknowledges arrived at some decidedly conservative conclusions later in life, including his support of the Iraq War—feminist Bettina Aptheker, leftist academic Cornel West, and more.

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Exploring the origin and evolution of radical liberals and their progressive ideology, Radicals illustrates how liberalism not only is intellectually crippling for its adherents but also devastating to society.

This telling excerpt from the introduction of Radicals helps spell out Horowitz’s core argument:

The desire to make things better is an impulse essential to our humanity. But taken beyond the limits of what is humanly possible, the same hope is transformed into a destructive passion, until it becomes a desire to annihilate whatever stands in the way of the beautiful idea. Nihilism is thus the practical extreme of the radical project. Consequently, the fantasy of a redeemed future has repeatedly led to catastrophic results as progressive radicals pursue their impossible schemes. It is an enduring irony of the human condition that the urgency to make the world “a better place” is also the chief source of the suffering that human beings have inflicted on each other from the beginning of time.

Check out Horowitz on Fox News describing why he believes President Obama is a radical and that our commander in chief’s penchant for apology speeches and appeasement-oriented gestures show he’s at best unsympathetic to longtime U.S. ally, Israel:

And here’s Horowitz going after more radicals on Sean Hannity’s TV program, heading to the mat with Democratic strategist Michael Brown regarding why Obama continues to “show weakness” in the face of encroaching radical Islamic influence all over the world:

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