Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob Taxpayers Blind

It’s a tale full of intrigue, drama, and corruption. In fact, it reads like a novel about organized crime.

If only that were the case with Shadowbosses.

Unfortunately it’s a true story. And it details how labor unions are infiltrating our government and corrupting our political process. This compelling and insightful work exposes how unions have organized federal, state, and local government employees without their consent, and how government employee unions are a threat to our workers’ freedoms, our free and fair elections, and even our American way of life.

Even more, author Mallory Factor reveals what’s coming next: How unions are targeting millions of Americans—maybe even you—for forced unionization so that billions more in mandatory dues can be collected and this gigantic special interest group can exert an even greater influence over American politics.

Shadowbosses not only is a chilling expose; it’s also a call to citizen action against those who really hold power in America today.

Here’s Factor talking with TheBlaze TV’s newest host, Andrew Wilkow, about the power of unions and Obama:

Check out the recent interview Glenn Hall of TheBlaze conducted with Factor:

Here’s some of what Factor revealed in his discussion with Hall:

“They have huge power,” Factor says of unions. “Take a look at just the teachers unions – they have $2 billion a year in dues. A lot of that they use for political purposes. Remember, money is the gasoline that runs the engine of our socialism in this country — and these government employee unions have tons of money.”

Hall notes that Shadowbosses points a finger at government unions as among the reasons for the growing size of the federal government and the national debt; specifically Factor writes that there are almost 500,000 federal  employees earning more than $100,000 annually and receiving up to 10 weeks of annual vacation. Union leaders, meanwhile, typically earn more than 10 times as much as rank and file members, with salaries reaching more than $800,000 a year.

Shadowbosses also reveals that taxpayers subsidize unions to the tune of $1 billion a year in the form of salaries paid to government employees while they are doing work for their unions — which adds up to about 23 million total work hours a year, Hall notes.

And here’s Factor discussing Shadowbosses on MSNBC’s Morning Joe: