Smoke and Dust: Wrath & Righteousness [Episode Six]

10 episodes…

12 months…

Countless hours of lost sleep…

Here’s a look at the sixth episode of a brand-new way to experience the unmatched exhilaration of a great book: 10 heart-stopping episodes released over the course of one year. Finish one, read the next. It’s like watching an entire season of your favorite TV show without any waiting. (We’re embarking on the second half of the program now…and the action isn’t subsiding.)

Wrath & Righteousness Episode Six is Smoke and Dust…

The freeway was a mass of stalled cars. Virtually nothing moved. Some of the people still waited in their vehicles, convinced the government was going to send someone out to save them—to pick them up and drive them home. Most of the drivers and passengers, however, had finally started walking, and the freeway was crowded with weary people moving along the unending line of cars.” 

As the scale of the EMP attack on America becomes clear, society begins to break down. Tens of millions of people are instantly homeless, stranded on freeways or in airports that have gone silent. There is no food, no water, no rule of law.

Sam and Bono, U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers who made it back to the States just before the attack, are two of those wandering the streets, searching for their families. But with no means of communication and transportation options severely limited, they are getting nowhere fast.

Meanwhile, halfway across the country, Sam’s family has come face to face with evil and is struggling to survive. Can Sam find them in time, or will this epic war claim its latest victim?

Here’s an excerpt that offers a taste of what it might be like to experience the world changing forever in a blink of an eye:

So it seemed that the people were adjusting—walking shoes or boots with suits, backpacks and briefcases with food and water instead of laptops and business reports, cash in their pockets, white masks across their faces to keep back the smoke and dust.

The train rolled gently into a turn, the underground tunnel lights slipping by. Although the car was nearly empty, Sam was happy to stand; he’d been sitting for most of the past fifty hours, in military terminals, onboard crowded aircraft, inside military vans. The last thing he wanted to do was sit.

Bono looked up and asked, “How far is it from the Metro station to your home?”

“Couple of miles.” Sam nudged the military backpack at his feet. “Nothing but a brisk walk through the park.”

An identical backpack rested against Bono’s knee. Sam and Bono were prepared for pretty much anything. They had food, water, guns, passports, military orders, nightsticks, a change of clothes; they could get by on their own. At the next Metro stop they would hoist the backpacks, start out at a gentle jog, and be at Sam’s parents’ house within sixteen minutes. An eight-minute-a-mile pace, loaded with guns and backpacks. No problem for either one.

Sam adjusted his combat fatigues. The camouflage design was tight, small and much greener than the pattern on the camouflage uniforms that the soldiers used to wear.

The train pitched suddenly and the locomotive engine rolled back. The cars decelerated, and the men had to grab the handhold to brace themselves.

The train continued slowing.

Then the lights went out.

It grew very quiet.

Pitch dark spread around them as the train rolled to a complete stop.

Spiritual forces that seek to destroy humanity play a prominent role in Smoke and Dust, as with the previous five episodes. It proves a crucial narrative layer that underscores the prospect that there’s more to our existence than meets the eye. Here’s an excerpt that gets to the heart of the invisible battle:

A warm shiver ran through Azadeh as Pari’s words filled her mind. “God loves you, Azadeh. He knows you are here. You can talk to Him anytime that you need to. You can pray to Him and He will listen. I swear to you, that is true.”

Azadeh thought of her friend, tears welling in her eyes, then did the only thing she could think of to do. Unsure, but having faith, she knelt on the kitchen floor and began to pray.


Satan watched her pray and trembled, rage and fury racing through his mind. This was the one great weapon for which he had no response, the greatest tool of the Enemy, which he could simply not destroy.

A humble prayer. Oh, how he loathed it! It gave them such comfort. It gave them such light.

And it was the Light that brought him fury.

So he cursed and raged again.

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