Sunrise: Wrath & Righteousness [Episode Ten]

10 episodes…

12 months…

Countless hours of lost sleep…

Here’s a look at the tenth and final episode of a brand-new way to experience the unmatched exhilaration of a great book: 10 heart-stopping episodes released over the course of one year. Finish one, read the next. It’s like watching an entire season of your favorite TV show without any waiting.

This is it, folks! The final episode of Chris Stewart’s rapid-action series, Wrath & Righteousness.

Wanna know if any surprises are in store? You’ll have to keep on reading (and find out more at Mercury Ink).

Wrath & Righteousness Episode Ten is Sunrise


“Are we a moral people? Are we worthy of the fight? Is any of it worth fighting for? I’m here to tell you that it is. I love my country. I know you love it, too. Now it’s time to man up and find the courage to join us in this cause.”

As the final, dramatic episode begins, the future of America—and perhaps the freedom of all mankind—hangs in the balance.

Two men—one driven by Darkness, the other by Light—are locked in a struggle for power that will change everything.

The former Secretary of Defense, realizing that he’s the Republic’s last chance, sends a trusted ally into his rival’s heavily secured compound. Her mission: To retrieve one of three living members of the Supreme Court and bring him out to join his colleagues and rule on the presidential line of succession.

If she’s successful, there’s no guarantee the Justices will rule in their favor.

And if she fails, there’s no back-up plan.

Here’s author Chris Stewart (now a U.S. congressman) chatting on Glenn Beck’s radio show about the latest action in his Wrath & Righteousness series:

This dramatic excerpt from Sunrise is a pulse-pounding moment when several lives hang in the balance:

The pilot felt his heart race, seeing the blood across his master’s face. He almost groaned in panic. The king has been killed or wounded. There will be no forgiveness for any of us! All of us will be killed.

Turning in his seat, he hit an electric switch to close the cockpit door behind him then pulled up on the collective. The heavy helicopter began to lift, the massive rotors dropping from the sudden strain. The side door was still open, the stairs hanging in the air.

Balancing on the narrow steps, Sam still under his arm, Bono almost fell back as the massive helicopter rose up into the air. His friend felt dead and heavy, his weight pulling him off-balance. Grabbing the handrail, Bono caught himself and, with a powerful heave, threw Sam’s body through the open door. Azadeh reached out and grabbed him, pulling Sam inside.

Sam seemed to mumble as she moved him, his eyelids fluttering in pain. “Bono,” he called out to the open doorway.

Azadeh turned and reached for Bono, stretching for his hand.

Bono reached for the handrail. Only two more steps to go. A hail of bullets passed by him, slamming into the helicopter’s side and piercing through. Looking down, he saw a Saudi soldier firing at them from the village mosque. Reaching for the handgun holstered underneath his left arm, he pulled out the pearl-handled pistol and fired three times, sending the Saudi soldier falling over the minaret’s splintered window and onto the muddy street. Two soldiers crouching directly below the helicopter fired straight up. Bono aimed and pulled the trigger, hitting one and sending the other scurrying behind the nearest wall. He fired again. The weapon clicked. All six shells were gone. Dropping the handgun, he turned back to the helicopter door.

The helicopter was high in the air now and the pilot nosed it over, quickly gaining speed. Bono felt the powerful wind begin to build around him and the angle of the helicopter almost threw him back again. He wasn’t inside the helicopter yet. He had one more step to go. He reached out for the doorway. Azadeh reached out for his hand.

Like I said, grab the book for the rest of this epic story.

At the end of things, one of the main characteristics I’ve appreciated about the Wrath & Righteousness series is its deft mix of spiritual and temporal forces (and the reactions of those occupying each realm). Stewart has his finger on the pulse of current events and spirituality and presents both often-diametrically opposed subjects as quite interrelated.

And he flat-out knows how to spin a yarn.

So if you’ve come to the party late, you may not find a better summer reading project than pouring through all 10 episodes. Check out the trailer for the very first one: