The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency

Voters should have the facts—-the hard, cold data—-before they head to the polls.

With THE BRIEF AGAINST OBAMA: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency, veteran political commentator and seasoned legal scholar Hugh Hewitt makes the case that President Barack Obama’s first term in office has been a fiasco, revealing him as a wholly unprepared and slow-to-learn ideologue with a consistent track record of wrong moves and poorly executed decisions.

Save for the U.S. military’s killing of Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, and other terrorists—-the latter of whom the president still wants removed from Gitmo in favor of domestic courts—-Obama comes to the table without much in the way of achievements.

But as for missteps on Obama’s report card, there are many to choose from. In that vein, Hewitt examines the monumental failure of Obamacare, the soaring unemployment rate, the 2009 “stimulus,” the massive ever-growing national debt, as well as scores of broken promises, fraudulent forecasts, dodges, and other disasters large and small that Obama has inflicted on America.

The text is divided into three sections: Obama’s domestic policy failures, his foreign policy failures, and his leadership failures. Chapter subjects include:

  • The Biggest Spendthrift—-in History
  • Swelling the Rolls of the Unemployed
  • The “Fast and Furious” Debacle and Cover-Up
  • Abandoning Israel to Its Fate
  • Naivete and the Arab Spring
  • The Unilateralism of an Anti-Constitutional President

To Hewitt, the Obama presidency has been a reign of incompetency and spectacular failure never before seen in American history.

Here’s a video of Hewitt discussing The Brief Against Obama in depth:

And the author backs up his assertions with precise, judicial indictments in the hopes that the American people not only understand what has happened since January 2009 but more importantly what desperately needs to be done in the upcoming election.

Hewitt, in fact, put together The Brief Against Obama with his liberal legal colleagues in mind, offering 45 pages of footnotes in order to demonstrate that his assertions are overwhelmingly documented and also to persuade liberals and independents to not vote for Obama by employing arguments that stand up to the most rigorous analysis.

The path for the American people is clear and urgent, Hewitt asserts: We must not allow Barack Obama to run the country into the ground as commander-in-chief for four more years.