The Corruption Chronicles: Obama’s Big Secrecy, Big Corruption, and Big Government

Guess who?

Ignoring federal law…


Violating campaign finance regulations…

Terrorist ties…

Voter registration fraud…

Government con games…


(Hint: He’s from Chicago…but his name ain’t Al Capone. It’s not even Rahm Emanuel.)

In 2008 Barack Obama promised to helm the “most transparent administration” of any U.S. president.

Remember? That pledge was the very cornerstone of Obama’s campaign. No secrets. No masks. No smoke and mirrors. No excuses.

But over the last four years, President Obama’s administration would prove one of the most guarded and duplicitous in recent memory.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch—the largest nonpartisan government watchdog in America (challenging George W. Bush as well as Bill Clinton)—has been investigating Obama ever since he splashed upon the national scene in 2006.

The culmination of his work is The Corruption Chronicles. In these pages Fitton exposes devastating secrets the Obama administration has desperately fought—even in court—to keep from the American public. For a while the Obama stonewall seemed to be holding. Not anymore.

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Judicial Watch has unearthed the truth behind such high-profile issues as the bailouts, Obamacare, Guantanamo, the Constitution-defying government czars, and Obama’s true ties to Bill Ayers and the Black Panthers’ voter-intimidation scandal.

Here’s Fitton discussing the scandal with Bill O’Reilly:

Fitton also digs into Obama’s personal war against FOX News, his real link to ACORN, and his radical Chicago connections.

Check out Fitton’s recent interview with Lou Dobbs on a variety of subjects, including ACORN and voter-registration fraud:

Through scores of government files—some replicated here and many unearthed after lengthy court battles—Fitton also discloses the facts of the Obama-backed $535-million loan guarantee to Solyndra, promoted by the president as a model for economic recovery (only months before its disastrous bankruptcy filing). Here too is the truth behind the gunrunning scandal, Fast and Furious—generated in secrecy by the U.S. government—that supplied thousands of firearms to murderous criminals in Mexico…and the latter is merely one valley in a series of historical lows for an administration that few, if any, major American media outlets dare to expose.

The Corruption Chronicles also details how the Obama machine is aggressively employing Chicago-style tactics to steal, if necessary, the 2012 elections. (As well as how Judicial Watch is prepared to go to court with historic lawsuits to make sure the elections are fair and honest.)

Fitton also makes the case that the federal government is now out of control and has literally built its foundation on broken promises, fatal miscalculations, and a cynical manipulation of a trusting public.

The Corruption Chronicles supplies fully documented facts behind:

  • The Solyndra Debacle
  • Obama’s Watergate: Operation Fast and Furious
  • The Obama Administration’s $20 Billion Government Extortion Scheme
  • The Unprecedented Threat to the Integrity of the 2012 Elections
  • The Czar Investigation Stonewall
  • The Undermining of Our Nation’s Immigration Laws
  • 9/11 Secrets

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