The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic

David Limbaugh pulls no punches.

It must run in the blood.

But the respected attorney and author (as well as brother of a conservative talk-radio host of some note) has good cause for unleashing his latest flurry of roundhouse rights:

President Obama—a “narcissist on steroids,” as Limbaugh calls him—is destroying the greatest country in the world.

While the title of his latest book is far from subtle, The Great Destroyer (a New York Times best-seller after only a couple of weeks on the shelves) articulates what many conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, and even disillusioned Democrats now believe about the one who was sold to America as “the great uniter.”

In his previous book, Crimes Against Liberty, Limbaugh covers the disastrous first two years of the Obama presidency; The Great Destroyer documents in painstaking, factual detail the many ways Obama has made good on his promise to “fundamentally transform” America as we close toward the end of his term—and why that transformation is anything but “good.”

Check out Limbaugh’s recent in-depth interview with Blaze editor-in-chief Scott Baker on this urgent subject:

In fact, Limbaugh notes that Obama has set the U.S. on a collision course for destruction.

“I want to sound a clarion call—to show the gravity of the situation we are facing,” Limbaugh told Blaze writer Tiffany Gabbay. “Too many people downplay [the situation].”

The Great Destroyer describes Obama as shaped by a radical upbringing that was nurtured by parents and other teachers who loathed what America stands for (read: Capitalism). And now we’re feeling the real-time effects of Obama’s true purpose, which, according to Limbaugh, is to undermine the checks and balances that have to this point steered America clear of a monarchy in the White House—not terribly respectful behavior toward the U.S. Constitution by the former Constitutional Law professor.

Limbaugh adds that Obama undercutting U.S. military defense systems is another example of his mission to reverse American progress.

So…what can we do?

Limbaugh says we must radically reverse Obama’s policies lest we go the way of Greece, or worse.

To that end, The Great Destroyer serves as both an educational resource chronicling the facts of Obama’s failed presidency as well as a motivational tool, especially for those with platforms from which to lead the charge against the president’s reelection bid.

Another point Limbaugh brings up—and one often overlooked—is that Obama isn’t “nearly as likable” as the mainstream media would have us believe. Rather he is akin to an adolescent “bully” who uses class, race, and gender warfare to divide and polarize the nation. In short, Obama is the same community organizing “thug” in the Oval Office as he was on the streets of the south side of Chicago.

Through unprecedented policies that reject the idea of American Exceptionalism, Limbaugh says Obama has proven time and again that he does not embrace American values but rather prefers the U.S. on a playing field with the rest of the world.

But while the past three-and-a-half years have indeed been grim, Limbaugh is confident about the future—as long as GOP nominee Mitt Romney sticks to a conservative message and delivers fiscal responsibility.

Here’s Limbaugh breaking down the particulars of The Great Destroyer with Sean Hannity: