The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future

God is not punishing America.

God is trying to wake America up.

That’s the essential message of The Harbinger, the bestselling, fascinating work of fiction by Jonathan Cahn (a Messianic Jewish pastor) that he sees as based in fact—resting on biblical prophecies from the Old Testament book of Isaiah that he believes have already happened and, especially if America continues on its present course,  are about to occur.

The nine harbingers (i.e., warnings) that Cahn outlines can be divided into two distinct “shakings,” he says:

The first revolved around the 9/11 attacks and America’s response to them.

The second is a broader shaking that is touching the U.S. even now (i.e., primarily the badly damaged economy).

Cahn principally writes that these harbingers are from God to warn and “wake up” America not to abandon its original allegiance to the Creator. As a “crown” of nations, he says, the U.S. can’t keep that status without God. And without God, blessings will continue to disappear and judgment will soon follow.

You can have a look at the video trailer for Cahn’s book here:

Cahn, who spoke this week with Glenn Beck over a two-day series of  GBTV interviews, says that he’s hopeful for America “otherwise there wouldn’t be harbingers.”

The harbingers Cahn outlines are:

  1. The Breach: America was founded on God’s word, as was Israel, so the U.S. is particularly blessed in the world. But if our nation turns from God, those blessings are in jeopardy.
  2. The Terrorist: Israel was attacked by Assyrians, of which al-Qaeda springs from in terms of ideology.
  3. The Fallen Bricks: The World Trade Center and Pentagon buildings destroyed on 9/11.
  4. The Tower: Represents the verse from Isaiah 9:10: “We will rebuild.” As Israel rebuilt the Second Temple, America grow stronger again.
  5. The Gazit Stone: “Hewn” translates to “gazit” in Hebrew. This harbinger regards the 20-ton quarried rock brought to Ground Zero for a ceremony in which New York Governor George Pataki said: “Today, we, the heirs of that revolutionary spirit of defiance, lay this cornerstone and unmistakably signal to the world the unwavering strength of this nation, and our resolve to fight for freedom.”
  6. The Sycamore: A clear reference to he Sycamore of Israel, but Cahn’s book points to the sycamore struck at the corner of Ground Zero, as well as the prophecy from Isaiah 9:10 (“The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.”)
  7. The Erez Tree: This is the cedar tree. The Harbinger notes that in November 2003 a crane hovering above Ground Zero lowered a cedar into the corner space where the original sycamore was knocked down by the falling debris on 9/11. The Hebrew Scriptures offer that the “Erez” is a “tree of hope.” Another ceremony was held, again emphasizing “human defiance.” for the cedar planting.
  8. The Utterance: Or the “the vow.”
  9. The Prophecy: What will set America’s course.

These same warnings were given to ancient Israel before its collapse, and now they’re appearing on American soil. Can parallels be drawn between recent events and the stories in The Harbinger?

Check out Cahn talking with Beck about the message behind The Harbinger on GBTV:

Here’s part 2 of the Cahn-Beck discussion. America’s post-9/11 arrogance (versus the humility it should have sought) is an important consideration, Cahn says:

Check out Glenn introducing The Harbinger to radio listeners last month:

The Harbinger opens with the appearance of a man burdened with a message he has received from a mysterious figure called The Prophet. The Prophet has given him nine seals, each containing a message about America s future. As he tells of his encounters with the Prophet, from a skyscraper in New York City, to a rural mountaintop, to Capitol Hill, to Ground Zero, the mystery behind each seal is revealed. As the story unfolds, each revelation becomes another piece in a larger and larger puzzle, the ramifications of which are, even now, altering the course of America and the world.