The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln: A Novel

With Steven Spielberg’s highly touted Lincoln biopic having just opened, TheBlaze Books thought it apropos to bring you a trio of titles about the man viewed by many as America’s greatest commander in chief.

Here’s a suspense-filled, daring reimagining of one of the most tumultuous moments in our nation’s past.

Acclaimed author and law professor Stephen L. Carter’s thrilling novel takes as its starting point an alternate history: President Abraham Lincoln survives the assassination attempt at Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865.

But two years later he’s charged with overstepping his constitutional authority, both during and after the Civil War, and faces an impeachment trial.

Abigail Canner is a 21-year-old black woman with a degree from Oberlin, a letter of employment from the law firm that has undertaken Lincoln’s defense, and the iron-strong conviction—learned from her late mother—that “whatever limitations society might place on ordinary negroes, they would never apply to her.”

So Abigail embarks on a life that defies Washington society: She works side by side with a white clerk and encounters the great and powerful of the nation—including the president himself.

But when Lincoln’s lead counsel is found brutally murdered on the eve of the trial, Abigail is plunged into a treacherous web of intrigue and conspiracy reaching the highest levels of the divided government.

Check out this very cool video trailer for Carter’s critically lauded novel:

The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln is a vivid work of historical fiction that captures the emotion of post-Civil War America—a courtroom drama penned by an expert legal mind that explores the always-contentious issue of presidential authority.

Here’s Carter talking to Glenn Reynolds about his novel:

Check out this opening segment of a four-part video featuring Carter’s “virtual book signing” at the Abraham Lincoln Bookshop in Chicago: