The Last Man: A Novel

Vince Flynn’s latest thrill-ride with CIA counter-intelligence agent Mitch Rapp is also the uber-popular author’s latest New York Times bestseller.

An invaluable CIA asset has gone missing, and with him, secrets that in the wrong hands could prove disastrous. The only question is: Can Mitch Rapp find him first?

(If you’re a Rapp “novice,” just imagine 24‘s Jack Bauer with more lethal power, and you’ll have a pretty accurate idea of what Flynn’s hero delivers.)

In The Last Man, Rapp has his hands full once again. This time Joe Rickman, head of CIA clandestine operations in Afghanistan, has been kidnapped and his four bodyguards have been executed in cold blood.

Irene Kennedy, director of the CIA, has dispatched Rapp to Afghanistan to find Rickman at all costs.

Think that’s “all” Rapp has to contend with? (Would it be a Vince Flynn novel if that were the case?) Not on your life. Turns out Rapp isn’t the only one looking for Rickman.

Check out Glenn Beck interviewing Flynn about The Last Man on the radio:

The FBI is on Rickman’s trail as well. Which you’d think would be all well and good, with everybody being on the same team. But Rapp’s experience and nose for the truth quickly tell him that there may be something sinister to the feds’ interest in the disappearance.

In fact, they may not be as concerned with finding Rickman as placing the blame for the whole thing on (who else?) Rapp.

Here’s an excerpt surrounding the executed bodyguards that gets to the heart of our hero’s well-studied suspicions:

Rapp pointed at the bodies one after another, saying, “Nine-millimeter, nine-millimeter, nine-millimeter, .45-caliber, and my bet is they were all fired from suppressed weapons. Pretty accurate work. Good fire discipline. Look at the walls.”

Hubbard did a 360-degree turn and said, “What about them?”

“You see anything?”


“That’s the point. You ever seen the Taliban operate like this? Four shots, four hits, and not a shot more. The Taliban likes to get the lead out. You know their MO. They would have rolled up on this place with three or four trucks and started unloading RPG rounds at all three buildings. This place would be riddled with bullets. This was done by pros.”

Here’s Flynn chatting with Glenn on TheBlaze TV about the role fiction plays in spreading the truth:

With CIA ops in crisis, Rapp must be as ruthless and deceitful as his enemies if he has any hope of finding Rickman and completing his mission. But with elements within his own government working against both him and American interests, will Rapp be stopped dead before he can succeed?

Flynn took some time on Andrew Wilkow’s program on TheBlaze TV to talk about The Last Man, as well as big-news events surrounding Libya and former CIA head David Petraeus: