The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future

Glenn Beck has described author David Horowitz as a modern-day American hero, one who, because of his work, has “given us more time” to sort out the mess that many in Washington continue to make.

Raised as a communist, Horowitz changed his ideological course about 25 years ago after realizing that communism is really about power and control. And he’s been fighting for American values ever since.

Horowitz’s newest book (written with Jacob Laksin) is another mile marker on this all-important path…and this one unearths the hidden power of the liberal machine.

Thoroughly researched and documented, The New Leviathan turns shopworn political assumptions on their ears by demonstrating that the left wing truly represents the rich and pow­erful in America…and we’re not talking about just a few dollars more.

A few facts:

  • Horowitz and Laksin identified 115 tax-exempt, left-leaning organizations that boast more than $104 billion in combined assets…10 times greater than the combined assets of 75 conservative organizations they identified.
  • 14 liberal organizations sport more than $1 billion in assets each; the number of conservative groups with $1 billion in assets each…zero.
  • Horowitz and Laksin identified 553 left-wing environmental groups and 32 conservative groups with more market-friendly approaches to helping the environment. The total assets of the left-wing groups equaled $9.53 billion compared to the right-wing groups’ $38.2 million…a total assets ratio of 249 to 1.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun most definitely intended). The deck is stacked in favor of left-leaning groups in complex, deep, and surprising ways…and much of it with Uncle Sam’s assistance and say so.

In fact, the Demo­crats and the Obama progressives represent the richest and most powerful political machine in American history. Backed by a near trillion-dollar treasury in America’s oldest and largest tax-exempt foundations, progressives outspend conservatives by a factor of seven to one.

Horowitz and Laksin show how left-wing foundations under­wrote Obama’s political career and how massive funding advantages for progressive proposals have disenfranchised American voters and shifted the national policy debate dramatically to the left.

The New Leviathan also draws connections between the Obama administration and progres­sive organizations from labor unions to media outlets to nonprofits to political groups, and shows how on key policy fronts—national security, immigration, citizenship, environment, and health care—the sheer force of left-wing financial resources has reconfigured the nation’s political agenda.

Indeed, freedom lovers appear far behind in the financial fight…but Horowitz also believes there’s reason to hope, because Americans are finally starting to wake up.

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