Wolves in the Night: Wrath & Righteousness [Episode Seven]

10 episodes…

12 months…

Countless hours of lost sleep…

Here’s a look at the seventh episode of a brand-new way to experience the unmatched exhilaration of a great book: 10 heart-stopping episodes released over the course of one year. Finish one, read the next. It’s like watching an entire season of your favorite TV show without any waiting.

We’re embarking on the second half of the program now…and the action isn’t subsiding.

Wrath & Righteousness Episode Seven is Wolves in the Night…


For more than a hundred years, New York City had it all. Pulse. Action. Demands and rewards. The city was as animated as any living thing: breathing, growing, exerting an undeniable force, never sleeping, always moving. More than a hundred years to reign. But only two weeks to transform into a quivering muddle of death.”

Five days ago an EMP attack brought the most technologically advanced country on Earth to its knees. Cars were useless. Phones were dead. Electricity was only a memory.

Those who survived now face an even more desperate situation: Angry, violent mobs with no food, water, or medicine. Evil is spreading through the masses like a virus.

Here’s author Chris Stewart (now a U.S. congressman) chatting on Glenn Beck’s radio show about the latest action in his Wrath & Righteousness series:

As Americans struggle to survive, so does the country itself. With the president and vice president killed in the initial attack, the line of succession actually becomes a target—creating a power vacuum in Washington, D.C., and leaving the United States vulnerable to a final, devastating assault.

This excerpt from Wolves in the Night highlights the mounting chaos that’s driving some to undermine that line of succession, as the brand-new president (formerly the senate’s President pro tempore) becomes a target:

The president slept inside a small apartment off the main command post. Twenty minutes later, as she lay atop her bed, her eyes closed, the stillness of the night around her, she was amazed at the almost perfect silence. Rock walls. Cement floors. Thick, blast-proof steel doors. All of it combined to stifle every sound and vibration, leaving the air unnaturally soundless and dull.

The night passed and, though she was exhausted, sleep was slow to come. Too many thoughts. Too many worries. Her chest was tight and every time she thought about the next day her heart raced again. Rolling to her back, she breathed deeply and, starting with her lower body, stretched her muscles to relax. Her toes. Her feet. Her legs. Her abdomen and arms. Everything was limp and soft now . . . her breathing was growing heavy . . . the tightness in her chest was gone . . . she was falling into darkness as she drifted off to sleep.

A final thought ran through her mind just before she fell asleep: Her husband and son were still out in Sacramento. She’d already made arrangements to send out a military jet. Soon they would be with her. Things would be a little better then.

With that thought, the president smiled lightly, then drifted off to sleep.

Twenty minutes later, she was dead.


The potassium chloride had been administered in the herbal tea she had swallowed just before slipping into bed. As expected, it was a perfect assassination, leaving no trace of foul play behind.

Against the backdrop of torn-from-the-headlines Middle Eastern drama, the fast-paced Wrath & Righteousness series explores humanity’s role in the eternal battle between good and evil. Check out the trailer for the very first episode:

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