TheBlaze Internship Program

Are you an ambitious college student ready to further your education beyond the classroom? Are you looking for an opportunity to experience the inner workings of a rapidly growing media company? If you are, then TheBlaze may be the place for you. We are looking for passionate, energetic and driven students who want to be on the front lines of a cutting-edge network.

TheBlaze hires interns every spring, summer and fall across multiple departments. We repeat, we hire interns — not maids, not cappuccino toting minions, not copy-machine slaves. At TheBlaze, interns are real, paid media junkie professionals because we believe you can do more than balance coffee trays on behalf of our professionals with caffeine affinities.

We are committed to providing a rewarding experience that involves a learn-by-doing approach with guidance from some of the top leaders in the industry. It is our goal as an organization to give our interns the tools to learn, create, develop and implement new professional skills so that you can graduate from the program as a well-balanced and sharp media professional.

What To Expect

The aim for our internship program is to reflect the true nature of the business. Our interns are immersed in the daily tasks and responsibilities of this fast-paced media environment. Interns can expect work assignments that will not only be a great learning opportunity, but will also provide key functions to help TheBlaze reach its goals. In this role, interns are exposed to a variety of business issues and quickly learn the fundamentals of TheBlaze business model.

Interns are also matched with a mentor in their department – usually a department manager. This mentorship provides interns with an opportunity to learn from our seasoned professionals. Plus, our mentors work to create an experience that can best strengthen the skills of the students.

In addition to our commitment to offering an enriching program, we are dedicated to paying our interns for their hard work day in and out. Our interns are paid $10 per hour or the state minimum, whichever is higher.

Application Requirements

In order to submit an application for TheBlaze Internship program, applicants must meet the following requirements. Please understand that there are no exceptions to the guidelines below and we will not review applications that do not meet the following criteria:

  • Students must be currently enrolled and taking classes in an accredited college, university or technical school in the United States and have completed at least one semester.
  • Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Students must be at least 18 years of age by the time the program begins
  • Students must possess unrestricted work authorization
  • Students also must meet any additional criteria their school requires for participation in our program. This may include GPA, grade level and number of credit hours earned. Schools will be contacted to verify eligibility.
  • Students who have not yet graduated from high school but have dual enrollment with a college are not eligible to apply.
  • Those who have taken college courses, but are currently taking “time off” from school are not eligible to apply.
  • College freshmen may apply during their first semester of school to participate during their second semester. TheBlaze Internship program cannot serve as your first semester of school.
  • College seniors may apply for the program and participate immediately after graduation, but must be enrolled in school at the time of their interview.
  • Graduate students are welcome to apply.
Attention international students:

To be eligible for this program, you must be currently enrolled in a college/university in the United States and possess unrestricted U.S. work authorization. Typically, this means international students must be studying on an F-1 or J-1 visa. Contact your international student advisor if you have questions regarding your eligibility.

Reminder: Should an invitation be extended to you, you will be required to submit verification of your legal right to work in the United States at the time of your arrival.

Explore Our Departments

We believe that our interns receive the most rewarding experience by selecting an internship in their department of preference. We offer ten types of internships that are closely monitored by revered department mentors.

News Editorial & Research

Internships are offered only in NYC for the summer 2015 program

Editorial & research interns support the writers for “The Truth Lives Here” is not just a motto, it is our philosophy. Our team carefully investigates the facts in an effort to provide the most credible and reliable news for TheBlaze audience.

Radio Production

We have no radio internships available for the summer 2015 program

The Glenn Beck Program is heard by 10 million listeners and is the third-highest rated talk radio program in the country. TheBlaze Radio Network is a brand new online radio channel that is your go-to source for news and entertainment. The home of Glenn Beck, Doc Thompson, Pat & Stu, Jay Severin, Buck Sexton and more.

Marketing & Business Development

Internships are offered only in NYC for the summer 2015 program

TheBlaze marketing department is charged with communicating a consistent branding message across our many platforms. Members of our marketing team focus on promoting TheBlaze through advertising, public relations, events and promotional partnerships.

Technology & Analytics

Internships are offered only in NYC for the summer 2015 program

Our technology and analytics team is tasked with managing, one of the fastest-growing news websites in the country. Interns may choose to work with our team of developers, IT or analytics group.

TV Production

Internships are offered in both NYC & Dallas for the summer 2015 program

TheBlaze TV studios in New York and Dallas produce a full slate of thought-provoking news and opinion television shows like The Glenn Beck Program, Pat & Stu, Dana, provocative documentaries and other original specials covering a myriad of entertaining and enlightening topics. Here interns have the opportunity to see behind the scenes and pursue dreams of production and broadcast. Within the production department we offer internships in production, operations, creative services, and editing.

Social Media

Internships are offered in both NYC & Dallas for the summer 2015 program

Social media interns support our social media gurus. Deeply focused on analytics, our social media team is responsible for maintaining a myriad of platforms including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


We have no e-commerce internships available for the summer 2015 program

The e-commerce department is responsible for the procuring, managing and selling of TheBlaze’s Marketplace in addition to TheBlaze’s many product lines, including our specially made apparel, DVDs of Glenn Beck stage shows, 1791 denim, Mercury Ink books and more.

Executive Team

Internships are offered in Dallas for the summer 2015 program

Executive team interns support the executive team in Dallas. This is the place for you if you are looking for a general understanding of the details that keep this business running smoothly day in and day out.

When to Apply

Applications for the summer program have closed. Applications for our fall program will open on Thursday, August 6th. Please note that applications received between April 24th and August 6th will not be reviewed.

How To Apply:

Send us your resume (and portfolio if applicable) and a short blurb about why TheBlaze would be a great fit for you. Please send your information to the applicable email address below with your department preference in the subject line.



If the above instructions are not followed or if all the above requirements are not met, applications will not be reviewed. We do not accept applications to multiple departments. If you submit your information to more than one department, your application will not be reviewed, so please thoughtfully review all departments and select your preference with care.

Should your application be under consideration, our team will reach out directly to you via your provided email address.

We look forward to exploring why you should be selected to be a part of our team!