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”Sensitivity Reviewers” within the fictional publishing industry

I’m hoping The Blaze moderators are still evaluating my first submission of this story as opposed to rejecting it… It was as follows: I’m incensed at the latest new employment position being offered at both major and indie publishing houses called ”Sensitivity Reviewer”. This person’s entire job centers around reviewing pre-publication fiction galleys to ensure they adhere to PC mandates requiring at least one character within these novels to be a member of a sexual or ethnic minority (e.g., LGBT / American Indian), whether or not that minority has any relevance whatsoever to the plot / theme. I did a fair amount of research on these allegations (including obtaining input from several authors with whom I’ve struck up a virtual friendship, a few of them VERY well-known names), and found nothing debunking them. If true, I am outraged. Since when are First Amendment rights denied to fiction authors??? I applaud Amazon’s decision to introduce a LGBT sub-category under their book listings, but wonder why it’s opposite is not offered? If 2% of the population demands recognition of the LGBT community to which they belong, why shouldn’t a corresponding 2% (simply as a straight-on comparison) of staunch non-LGBT individuals have their own community? This is assuming the remaining 96% of the population doesn’t give a damn one way or the other. Personally, I prefer books without much — if any — sexual content, primarily because (as a former wannabe writer myself) it’s SO easy to write that it becomes not much more than filler when your brain hits a creative snag. ”PC” seems to invade nearly every nook and cranny of our lives today such that we can now not avoid it being shoved down our throats even as we relax in bed with the proverbial good book. Am I the only one who feels this way???

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