”Let Freedom Ring”

Any patriotic American knows The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States forged the way our forefathers envisioned America.
It was built on the independent and critical thinkers of the past to encompass what America would become. Was it perfect? No. Was it Christian? No.
What it was, simply, a plan that would allow expansion from its Eastern border to its Western border, Northern to Southern. The shape of America was cast in blood of many people.
So it is aggravating that today small factions of fascists in this country feel like they have to layout their views by shoving them down the throats of all Americans.
To this I say even freedom of the speech has limitations. Speech that incites violence is unlawful. Therefore Madonna’s mere mention of ”blowing up the White House” could be construed as a terroristic threat, and could also incite violence. So where I am going? One, Tomi Lahren has every right as a young, beautiful, articulate, athletic and intelligent young lady to state the truth. The truth is not meant to offend, but set you free. To those who feel offended by Ms. Lahren I can only say that you should look into getting a thicker skin. Nothing offensive comes from The Blaze. However, reports that state milk is racist because it is white is not only stupid and juvenile but ignorant as well.
Perhaps more time should be spent in rounding up these fascist groups like Black Lives Matter, The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and the cartels in Mexico. Maybe the establishment in Hollywood, government and any other sector in America would prefer to live in a truly fascist country. Yet, I do not see any of them moving. What a shame. What liars. Trump is America’s president. It would be nice to see the establishment live up to their words, but it is not the first time they lied to us. America is great because of its many colleges and universities, people who tell it like it is and those who do the right thing at the right time regardless of general consensus, what is popular or take the narrow least traversed path because it is the hard way.
The Blaze needs more people like Ms. Tomi Lahren. The truly sad reality is those who understand these words are recognizing how criminals are trying to remove our rights and liberties a little bit everyday.
Keep Ms. Lahren as the voice of freedom and Middle America. Do not let the criminals, fascists and racists run her off The Blaze. She is one of many reasons people watch the Blaze, and is not afraid to stand up for the rights of our Veterans plus the humane treatment of our Veterans.