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Donald Trump

Suggesting that Donald Trump is not of a sound mind is a complement that his supporters should embrace given the only other alternative
Donald Trump continues to cast offensive, humiliating, false and mostly personal attacks on Barack Obama regardless of the risk those attacks pose to his own image. His despise of Obama is more compelling to him than his instincts of self-preservation. Most of his supporters want to believe that this is because Obama is a democrat or that he was not a good president. But the reality is that Trump has not been this loathsome of any other left wing president and Trump’s hate of Obama goes way back to before Obama had any policy document drawn up. It is Kellyanne Conway who presented a near impossible challenge to the audience of a late night show by suggesting that they not only take Donald Trump at the words that come out of his mouth but by what he feels in his heart to which the anchor of the show pointed out the obvious. This being that the only way to know what is in his heart is by listening to the words he utters. However ridiculous Conway’s suggestion appeared to be she was trying to offer an explanation of Trump’s utterances and behaviour that his supporters seem to have embraced, which is, – that he may not think things through, he is impulsive and easily riled up and in the heat of the moment may say or do things that to the average person sound or appear crazy, but deep down he is a kind, compassionate person who after calming down sees reason. This is the only near plausible way to excuse or deny what otherwise would be a very glum and revolting image of Donald Trump. Notwithstanding the risk of appearing to relitigate what most Americans particularly Trump supporters have already made peace with and put at the back of their mind for want to avoid the contentious issue of racism associated with it, Trump’s treatment of President Obama supports a compelling argument that, if not unbalanced, Trump is hateful and evil. Why hate and malice are words that are used with caution is because the motive behind behaviour or speech is often difficult to prove. However Trump’s accusation 14 days ago that President Barrack Obama had wiretapped him at Trump Tower during the campaign making him a sick guy like McCarthy and Nixon is a charge that if not made by a person who is not of a sound mind then was made by one who is blatantly hateful, remorseless and vile.
It should give Americans pause (and for some it did) that a prominent and affluent businessman who has very little to lose from a left wing president’s tenure will so passionately advance a conspiracy that the president in question is not American but because he was sired by a black Kenyan father he must have been born in Kenya and is therefore Kenyan not American. Keeping in mind that the contention here was not that he had no birth certificate to prove his citizenship but rather that he had a short form birth certificate and not a long form birth certificate there was more evidence against the conspiracy than for it. Even after being humiliated to the point of having to produce the long form birth certificate Obama quickly realised and I’m sure to his dejection and sadness that his number one critic (critic is a kind word here) would not be deterred. Only recently during the campaign and at an event he had milked for political and financial mileage did Trump without any inkling of remorse, arrogantly concede that the former president was born in America. One would have thought that after having disparaged the former president for so long and considering that Obama was no longer in office Trump would be restrained by history at least, if not basic humanity and decency, from levelling any more personal attacks on the first black president of America. But alas, regardless of having billions worth of intelligence apparatus at his disposal and a mere phone call away Donald Trump, for maximum effect and sensationalism, announced to the whole world via twitter that the Kenyan he had recently decided was American had illegally spied on him to sabotage his campaign. I for one, and Trump supporters should also, hope that this is madness because if not it is hatred of a level that would suggest that Trump may be racist. Makes you wonder what Trump really means when he says make America great again!