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Extreme Liberal Agenda Has No Limits

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I belong to no organization or association with a political purpose. I call myself a ”country hick” because I grew up in a 900 square foot cabin in remote Alaska in the ’60s and ’70s with no electricity, no running water, an outhouse, and our only light was a Coleman lantern hanging from a bent-over 16 penny nail in the ceiling in the center of the cabin. As the oldest boy, it was my responsibility to keep the wood stove going for nine months during some of the coldest weather on the planet, including minus 74 below zero F.

Forty eight years ago when I was only 14 years old, my father told me in that cabin on a cold winter evening something I’ve never forgotten. He was teaching me about politics, and he said, ”The thing about government is that it gets bigger and bigger, taxes always increase, and what the government takes, it never gives back.”

My God, my father was so right, and since then I have observed the abuses of government in a thousand ways. But now we are at a crisis we’ve never faced before in this nation. ”They” want to stop our duly elected constitutional President, Donald Trump, from saying the oath at the inauguration, and they are rabid to stop this movement to take our country back.

I have watched liberals and the billions of dollars supporting them by International extremists like Soros, patiently take over every part of our American culture, society, education, government agencies, courtrooms, and like ants that get into to every nook and cranny, liberals have taken over every influential place in America.

Republicans have blood on their hands, because they did not stop this takeover. In fact, they have facilitated it. Trump is the first real threat to this liberal empire, and that has made him a threat even to the Republican party. While Americans do not understand or even know the depth and breadth of the liberal network, Americans have finally woke up, and they are damn sick and tired of getting screwed by Democrats and Republicans while being told the Democratic party is here to save them. Even Black Americans are waking up to how they have been lied to and used by Democrats for evil purposes.

Here’s what I’ve observed since I was 14 years old when my father warned me about government. At that time I was observant enough to recognize that liberal Democrats would say anything to promote their all-government ideologies, but over the past 48 years I have realized that their boldness, their lying, their blatant anti-American, anti-God policies have all been accelerating.

Here’s my point. I think today, the evil liberal elite will do ANYTHING to stop this movement to take our country back. Anything. I believe they will assassinate individual leaders, key leaders behind the scenes, and I believe they have no qualms at all in how many they kill. In other words, they would start riots that kill people, a war that kills people, and with Donald Trump’s inauguration coming, I believe they would not hesitate to set up a phony terrorist attack on a major city that would kill thousands. How hard would it be for the lying CIA to set that up? And how hard would it be for them to cover their tracks so there is no traceable evidence to prove they did it? Could they set up a clean evidentiary chain that pins all the blame on a terrorist who conveniently gets assassinated himself just before his trial? Absolutely.

So evil are liberal extremists, I do not doubt they don’t care how many people they might kill to stop Trump and to stop this movement. To them, every dead American would just be collateral damage. In other words, to them millions would be as good as thousands. A massive tragedy before Trump’s inauguration would give Obama almost unlimited power, and hasn’t crisis always been the Democrats most powerful tool to shred Americans’ constitutional rights? It is their most powerful strategy to gain more and more power of you and me. They’ve been using this strategy for 40 years. It’s about time Americans woke up from their long slumber.

Democrats and their under-party, the liberal extremists behind the scenes, are diligently working to stop the inauguration by other means, too, with slander, fake news, CIA participation, and possible legal attacks.

I hope and I pray that these evil liberals will not try to stop the inauguration, and I hope and pray that they will not start violent riots where people get hurt or killed, and I hope and pray they will not try to do something epic that could kill thousands of innocent people, all to stop this big American movement to take back our country.

But I’m not naive. I think evil is at work, and I am worried. But then, what do I know. I’m just a country hick.