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Obama’s Anti-Trump Goon Squad

Obama’s Organizing for Action pleads for the left to obstruct President Trump’s budget. What a surprise. He and his squad just refuse to obey our laws. Do you notice that the Democrats never reference their hero FDR when talking about immigration. FDR rounded up all the Japanese in the United States and put them into concentration camps that were built specifically for them. There other hero Woodrow Wilson did the same thing to the Germans during World War One. So if you’re a Democrat president you can Round Up A specific group of people based on nationality race or anything else. If you are Republican president it doesn’t matter what you think you have to continue to abide by the Democrats lawlessness. What hypocrites. They seem to forget that you can look these things up and the history books they have not yet erased and you can look up the videos of their actions on YouTube.
Organizing for Action
Friend —

The White House just requested $3 billion from Congress to implement a discriminatory immigration agenda. We need to make sure they don’t get it.

What they’ve asked for is $3 billion in taxpayer money — yours and mine — so they can find and deport people with no criminal record, ripping families apart; deny people access to the country they call home; and withhold people’s opportunity for a better life, just because of where they come from and how they pray.

None of this is OK. And while they’ve used executive actions that run counter to our country’s core values of diversity, inclusion, and fairness, they can’t do nearly as much damage without more money from Congress.

This is the first time Congress will consider whether or not to use our taxpayer dollars to fund the administration’s destructive, divisive, and anti-immigrant agenda. If you agree that Congress should say no to this funding, add your name now.

Without the funding they’ve requested, this new administration cannot fully implement its agenda — an agenda that includes building a massive border wall, new detention centers, and hiring thousands of additional agents for a deportation force.

This is our elected representatives’ chance to say no to this administration’s reckless actions targeting immigrant communities in America — Congress should refuse to go along with these harmful policies and reject this request for funding.

And it’s up to us to make sure they do. Speak up now.

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Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Action