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Rachael ”Richard Madcow” Epic Fail And Liberals Dividing Our Nation!

We’ve all probably heard about Richard Madcow and how she released Trumps tax returns! I have many questions! First, who’s getting a hold of this personal information? We should bring in the RICO Act and prosecute everyone who was involved with the George Soros left wing attacks on Trump, which not only has people gotten seriously injured but also greatly divided our nation to the point where free speech doesn’t exist anymore and people are scared to have a ”different opinion”! I thought that our country was the land of the free! Why should people be threatened for having an opinion? Second, why is CNN and the left wing idiots on bath salts still trying to act relevant by spreading fake news about Russians and Nazis? People want the damn truth! The media should figure it out! While Trump is trying to bring our country together, the liberal media keeps trying to divide our country! Is CNN and other liberal media outlets literally trying to start another civil war by spreading false propaganda? The Democrats claim to be progressive but trying to divide a nation by spreading fake news is not progressive: it’s the total opposite!

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