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What You Said: Rapper ‘Bow Wow’ tweets unbelievably obscene threat to Melania Trump

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about rapper Bow Wow making an obscene Tweet about First Lady Melania Trump. He wrote, “Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk a** up talking s*** about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

Here is what some readers had to saw about Bow Wow’s message:

Either way, no President should have to put up with what Trump is putting up with, Hollywood is out of control. Lack of Respect for the office of President. I personally think Trump is doing a good job in the last 2 months. But nothing will make the Democraps happy with anyone being a Republican. They lost, an cannot accept it. Sore Losers, I guess mommy & daddy never said no to them. Or taught them to Respect people.
I hated Obama as alot of people have, yet I did not respect him like Democrats are doing to Trump. I think its just awful. One of the reasons these kids of today are running rogue & out of Control. What is this world coming to.

William Hood
This, all said and done, constitutes a threat against the President of the United States of America! It falls firmly under the guidelines of Domestic Terrorism. So, we have a threat against our Commander in Chief, issued across state lines no doubt, made publicly and leaving ample evidence. Nothing else needs to be said. Feds DO YOUR JOBS!!

The Time Machine
Why are these miscreants getting away with this? Need I ask? Because the mainstream media, much of the judiciary and the Democrat party, en masse, have thrown in with these small minded Neanderthals. Our country is on the brink of oblivion!

Carlos, I can deal with the term ”rapper”, but ”Rap artist” is too much of a stretch for me. He’s a tattooed thug named after what dogs say. Give me a break.

Trashus Cannus
”Ice-T pushed back against the comparison of Trump to Obama, saying … Obama was a ’smooth character.’”

No. He was a smooth talker.

There’s a difference.

Hey liberals — aren’t you proud? This is the face of your political base. No wonder you screwed our country up so bad the past 8 years. This guy is a piece of human filth.

Where are the feminists now? Oh yeah I forgot they only protect liberals and abortionists.

Is this an admission that Mr BowWow is actively involved in prostitution? Sounds like an opportunity to investigate the Rap industry thoroughly for sex traffiking.

At first I was so full of sarcasm and had some choice remarks for…‘Bow Wow’? I rethought. He does not deserve the attention that truly belongs to our First Lady. She is so full of class. Her actions rise well beyond so many who choose to separate themselves from what real royalty is like. Melania is an inspiration to us all, and for those of us who realize it, may we continue to cheer her on and actively support her. I saw her heart when she was unafraid to share the Lord’s prayer with the whole world. That’s class!

I’m getting soooooo sick of the hypocrisy and double standards, though I understand the reason for it: Most conservatives have morals and ethics, and will call out injustice. Most liberals have few, or relative morals and ethics, and accept anything that furthers their anti-American agenda.

Any moment now I am expecting leading democrat women like Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Streep and Madonna to condemn this…any moment…any moment..

Carl Spackler
Who is this liberal puke? What does ”ayo” mean? Obviously he can’t speak English.

Again, a never was been thinking that his opinion matters to the rest of us. Whenever society wakes up and stops supporting these morons by purchasing their hate filled songs about p!mps and h0es, and stealing, then and only then will they get the message.

Snoop Dog and Bow Wow….where is Michael Vick when you need him?

Remember when those white trash Dixie Chicks insulted Bush and their careers disappeared ?
Ah, the good old days.

In Bow Wow’s so called community the term ’pimping’ is actually garnered from the type of low class goldbricking women that surround him and his entourage.
For free bottle service in a velvet roped VIP section of a local nightclub these women will sell their souls and bodies.
Bow Wow is a thug in a thug world where what defines men and women (besides abysmal educations) are the lowest common morales of society…with bling included.

Shad Moss is an ignorant, obnoxious, foul-mouthed, black ass nobody. He`s just in love with himself. And Rap is the dumbest noise on the planet.

Conservative Bill
Threats against the President or his family are felonies. Why aren’t these racists locked up?

I must decrease
You…do…realize you’re threatening the wife of a billionaire who just happens to be in the most powerful political office on the planet, right?