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The Truth About Russian Hacking

Most of us have heard of the ”Russian hackers involvement in our election”! Most of this is fake news but there is a little bit of truth to it! The truth is that every nation is hacking each other, even right now! Every nation wants to know what everyone is up to. For example, let’s say that Russia is suspicious about what the United States is planning. It would be good to know if the United States was planning on doing something that’s up to no good. Nations don’t want some surprise attack that’s not called for. What’s really sketchy about the Democrats story is the fact that they totally fabricated it to the point where we could have gotten into a war that was uncalled for. Let’s be real: no nation is perfect but if we’re going to be talking about foreign involvement in our election, why didn’t the media say anything about how Saudi Arabia funded Hillary’s campaign, a nation that persecutes women who were raped and throws gays off of buildings? Let’s also not forget that Saudi Arabia was involved with 9/11 while Putin was the one who was trying to warn us about the attack! Putin may have done some shady things but he’s bent backwards for us many times and he deserves more credit for that. Also, Obama wanted to go to war with Syria for alleged use of chemical weapons. It actually turned out that it was the Syrian rebels who were using the chemical weapons. The United States has also done some terrible things like infecting innocent black men with syphil