Meet the British Rapper Who Sings Anti-American and Anti-Israeli Anthems

This is British rapper Lowkey. He is of Arab descent (an Iraqi mother and English father) and doesn’t really like Israel or America. Recently, he ranted against the United States while talking about Egypt, saying that if the Egyptian people get democracy, he has faith “there wouldn’t be an American or Israeli government left standing in the Middle East” (translation: Egypt will destroy America and Israel):

That message carries over to his music, like this “hit” called “Obama Nation,” which rails against America and capitalism:

In 2009, he rapped about Israel and Gaza, declaring “long live Palestine”:

Then there’s the single “Terrorism?” in which he says America and Britain are the real terrorists:

And finally, yesterday he called the uprising in Egypt a “revolt against American imperialism”:

For good measure, he even included anti-capitalist tweets on his Twitter account:

(H/T: NZ Patriot)