SOTU: Boehner Counters Buffett’s Secretary Invite, Invites Keystone Supporters

Earlier today, it was reported that President Obama had decided to host Warren Buffet’s secretary for the State of the Union. Yes, that secretary. The one who reportedly pays a much higher tax rate than her multi-billionaire employer.

As most critics pointed out, the only reason the president is hosting her as his guest is so that he can drive home his messages of “income inequality” and “fair share.”

Apparently, House Speaker John Boehner was unimpressed by this move.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the House Speaker announced that he would host a handful of people who would have benefited if President Obama had approved the Keystone XL pipeline, according to The Washington Times.

“Mr. Boehner announced his guests as Ray Brooks, a manager at Marathon Petroleum Company,” reports the Post’s Stephen Dinan, “Jay Churchill, a manager at Conoco Phillips; Dale Delle, president of a pipe production company; and Nebraska state Sen. Chris Langemeier, a supporter of the pipeline.”

The president’s “disastrously short-sighted decision” last Wednesday to reject the Transcanada’s Keystone XL pipeline project has touched off a round of severe criticism for the Obama administration. The pipeline held the potential for not just energy, but also jobs.

Therefore, the message the House Speaker intends to send via the Keystone supporters seems fairly obvious: “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?”

The first lady’s box, where Buffett’s secretary will be seated. is to the president’s left.  Speaker Boehner’s box is directly across the chamber to the president’s right.