‘REAL NEWS FROM THE BLAZE’: What Does Your Favorite Beer Say About Political Ideology and Likelihood to Vote

The Atlantic has published an entertaining discovery from National Media Research Planning & Placement, a political media research firm, analyzing what can be learned about someone’s political ideology and likelihood to vote, based off their favorite beer.

By this index, it would seem accurate to peg Busch Light fans as part of the right-leaning, low turnout crowd, staying at home on election stay (and possibly hungover), with their left-leaning full flavor Busch fan friends. Surprisingly, the study would suggest that Guinness drinkers are the most likely to be found voting in a booth for democrats, and Sam Adams drinkers voting for Republicans.

The “Real News From the Blaze” panel discusses where they fall on the spectrum:

Surprised by this study? What would you guess beer preferences say about political leanings: