‘We’ll Be F**king Back!’: Residents Protest Cursing Ban With Profanity-Laced Rally to Prove That ‘Gov’t Is a Bully’

Some detractors in Middleborough, Massachusetts, are protesting a new law that bans public profanity — and they’re taking an interesting avenue in doing so. Rather than calmly petitioning politicians or taking other, less flagrant approaches, several dozen residents came together on Monday to host a profanity-laden protest against the new ordinance. The bylaw, which passed overwhelmingly just two weeks ago, will allow $20 tickets to be handed out for public cursing.

While some of the protesters shouted expletives during the rally, others carried posters that advertised offensive language — the same language that is likely soon-to-be-banned. The spectacle, which also attracted individuals who support the law, took place on the lawn in front of the Middleborough Town Hall.

It was organized by Adam Kokesh, a libertarian television and radio host (you may remember his 2011 dance party at the Jefferson Memorial that ended in violent arrests).

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“This isn’t just about free speech. What we’re doing here today is calling attention to the fundamental nature of government,” Kokesh proclaimed. “Government is a bully.”

Watch Kokesh speak about the ban, below:

Despite the chagrin, protesters couldn’t be ticketed for their antics, as the law won’t go into effect until the Massachusetts’ attorney general decides whether it’s constitutional.

Swearing in public has been illegal in the town since 1968, although the previous “criminal” act was amended to be a more minor infraction in the most recent vote. The former law, due to its intensely-legal distinction, was rarely upheld.

(H/T: Huffington Post)