Jerusalem Post’s Senior Contributing Editor Tears Into Obama Admin. for ‘Siding With Hamas’

The Jerusalem Post’s senior contributing editor on Tuesday tore into the Obama administration for “siding with Hamas against Israel.”

“The United States should be doing the exact opposite of what it’s doing,” Caroline Glick, who grew up in “ultra-liberal” Chicago before moving to Israel in 1991, said on The Glenn Beck Program. “It’s not a glib statement. … Since the Hamas terrorists who run Gaza began their current round of assaults against Israel, with their missiles and with their attempted infiltration through their tunnels of death, the Obama administration has been pursuing a cease-fire that would abide by all of Hamas’ extortionist demands of Israel.”

“It’s very important for Americans to understand — whatever the rationale of the Obama administration — what they’re doing is siding with Hamas against Israel in this war,” Glick remarked.

Author Caroline Glick appears on The Glenn Beck Program August 5, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Author Caroline Glick appears on The Glenn Beck Program August 5, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glick said the most important thing America can do now is support Israel and Egypt in insisting on “keeping Gaza’s borders closed in order to destroy Hamas through attrition.”

Keeping Gaza’s borders sealed will “prevent them from re-building their infrastructure of terrorism that Israel has fought to to destroy at such great cost to our soldiers over the past month,” Glick said.

The author added that Israel has had considerable challenges “in explaining the reality of the Middle East to people outside of Israel, and even some Israelis.”

“The reality is that none of the Arab conflict with Israel, the Islamic conflict with Israel, the Palestinian conflict with Israel has ever been about territory,” she stated. “It’s always been about a desire on the part of Israel’s neighbors to annihilate the Jewish state, to prevent it from even being established.”

Glick said Hamas “will stop at nothing” to destroy Israel.

“The cement that they used to build the tunnels … could’ve built 100 schools, 3 hospitals, numerous clinics, you know, you name it,” she said. “It was there for the taking. They got all of this concrete in order to build Gaza. They claimed it was for humanitarian assistance, and they used all of it to build the machinery of death and murder.”

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