It’s your fault if you allow your adult child to leech off of you

There was some new census data that came out recently revealing two interesting but unsurprising facts: 1) More people in my generation are living with their parents than with spouses. 2) 20 percent of those grown adults who live at home don’t work or go to school. They do nothing, and their parents subsidize it.

In my podcast today, I focus on that second point. I have always found it mind-boggling that parents allow their grown children to leech off them. It seems these parents think they’re doing their kids a favor by aiding and abetting their idle lifestyles.  They think that we, as parents, must allow our kids to remain forever in adolescence or else we don’t love them.

I disagree. I think, at a certain point, the loving thing is to say to your adult child: “Find a job or leave my house. And even when you find a job, you still must leave my house. You have a month, either way, starting now. Oh, and you’re no longer allowed to watch TV or play video games using the electricity that I pay for in the house I pay for. Time to grow up.” That’s the loving thing to do with a moocher.

Now, I know there are exceptions. Obviously, if your kid is seriously ill or disabled or something like that, then the loving thing, of course, is to take care of them. But with millions in my generation living at home, and many of them not working jobs or going to school, can we really say that illness and disability accounts for all or even most or even a large percentage? No, obviously not.

For the most part, a young adult who lives with his parents and does not work or go to school simply needs one thing: a swift kick in the pants. Not a literal kick, most likely, but a kick nonetheless. And the fact that many of us have never been given this kick is part of the reason why we’re in this situation.

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